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Dear <<First Name>>, 

You might be thinking, I’m no fairy godmother – I don’t have a magic wand! The thing is, you do - in a way. You have the power to change lives for the better with a few swishes and clicks right now. Let me tell you how.

You may already know that, thanks to supporters like you, we haven’t had to turn anyone away because we can’t afford to help them in four years! I think you’ll agree that we want to be able to help as many people as we can... but it's only our supporters who can make it possible.

Over 450 ’fairy godmothers’ – and ‘godfathers’ – donate monthly to ASN, generous pro-choice people like you, from across the UK, Ireland and further afield. People like Aisling, who donates because:
"This is the most practical way to help people who live in Ireland (and beyond) access vital and necessary terminations. Even though my financial situation has changed, I still donate £10 a month because I know how important that small amount of money is.”
But the more clients who need help, the more fairy godparents monthly donors we need to help them. Last year we heard from 648 clients, a 17% increase on the year before. This year, we’re anticipating 800 by the end of the year, and up to 1000 in 2017. In these uncertain times, we need certain funding. We need support we can rely on every month. We need you.

So I’m writing to ask – could you donate £10 a month? We need another 50 ASN supporters to say “Yes” by the end of this month, otherwise very soon when we may not be able to help everyone who contacts us.
Yes, I’m in! If you’re in the UK, click here

Yes, I’m in! If you’re in the Republic of Ireland, the USA, or elsewhere, click here.
Rosie* is just one client of the more than 470 who’ve contacted us this year so far. Rosie received a fatal foetal abnormality diagnosis and was forced to leave Ireland for a termination just before the legal limit – and ASN monthly donors were crucial in funding the help she needed.  

ASN monthly donors helped pay clinic fees and the cost of return flights for her and her support person. Monthly donors also helped pay our phone bill and staff costs so I could spend hours on the phone with Rosie, the clinic, and the host (something our phone volunteers with day jobs can’t do). During this time, I worried about the logistics, about Rosie; but I never had to worry about whether we could afford to help her, because I knew our monthly donors had her back. Rosie told us what this meant to her:
“We wouldn’t have been able to cope without you. God bless you. You do such great work."
Monthly donors are crucial to that work.

I know that for some of our supporters, donating monthly just won’t be possible – and if that's you, I understand, and I am so grateful for the support you can give. But if you could spare £10 a month (or £2 £5 or £20!), we would love to have you on our team. After all, we all know we can’t rely on the Irish or Northern Irish governments to help us out anytime soon. ASN monthly donor Teresa* says it best:
“I think ASN does amazing work, and I am very proud to be able to contribute in a (very small) financial way. Until these draconian laws are changed, women depend on ASN to help them exercise their human rights.”
So, what do you say – will you be a ‘fairy godmother’?
Yes, I’m in! If you’re in the UK, click here

Yes, I’m in! If you’re in the Republic of Ireland, the USA, or elsewhere, click here.
As a thank you, you’ll get a little something from us as a token of our appreciation, and extra insights - direct from us and our clients - into how you’re helping women in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man access safe abortion. Become a monthly donor today, and you can change lives for the better, this month and every month. It’s not a wand, but to us, the ability to say “yes, we can help” to our callers is magic.

With hope and thanks,

Mara Clarke
PS: Please will you join over 450 of your fellow pro-choice awesome supporters, and become a monthly donor today? If you have any questions about why we’re asking now, what your donation will do, or the how to set it up, please click here.
We always change clients’ names to protect their privacy; some of our donors have also requested to remain anonymous, but their reasons for supporting us are their own words.
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