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Dear <<First Name>>, 

Two months ago, we asked ASN’s current ‘fairy godparents’ to tell us why they started donating to us. We read and loved every single message - you may have seen some on our social media this month.

But I'd like to share one in particular with you today. This email came from Emma:

Why do I support ASN? Several reasons:

Because when I had an unplanned pregnancy as a teenager, I was living in Britain, so I had a choice. And I made my choice and chose to continue the pregnancy.

Because when my friend had an unplanned pregnancy, she was living in Britain, so she had a choice. And she made her choice and chose not to continue the pregnancy.

Because we both got to choose what was right for ourselves.

Because my sister is a midwife so I know how dangerous pregnancy and birth can be.

Because I've had a miscarriage. But I was living in Britain, so I received the appropriate medical treatment promptly.

Because I've had three pregnancies. So I know the toll it takes on your body.

Because I'm a parent. So I know how that changes you forever, how it can push you to breaking point.

Because when I moved to Ireland I didn't know that abortion was illegal there. And I was terrified for my bodily sovereignty when I found out.

So I do this. I put my money where my mouth is. I help provide genuine, practical support to women in their hour of greatest need. This. This I can do.

If you would like to join Emma and become a monthly donor today, please click the links below. If today isn't a good time for you, but you still want to join Emma in future, you can let us know here.
Yes, I’m in! If you’re in the UK, click here

Yes, I’m in! If you’re in the Republic of Ireland, the USA, or elsewhere, click here.
And thank you, from myself, all our volunteers, and most importantly our clients - over 500 this year and counting. Without our monthly donors, we simply couldn’t help them.
With thanks, 
Mara Clarke 
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*We’ve shortened Emma’s email a little, and removed some identifying details. But these are her own amazingly powerful words.
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