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Tips for Listeners, Rebates & Special Offers!

Part of being your full service destination for everything satellite radio, whether at home, at work, in the car or on the go, is providing superior support after the purchase. We have recently received more inquiries about improving the audio quality of SiriusXM radios and in this newsletter you'll learn our best suggestions for making satellite radio sound like the high fidelity digital signal you should expect. 

SiriusXM has recently announced that they are offering a $50 rebate on nearly all radios for new customers or a new additional subscription. This is a great time to give the gift of news, talk radio, music of every genre and sports entertainment. Remember, if you are unsure about the offers and need help, we staff our phones in Chicago from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday at 312-846-6606. Anyone who answers the phone can help you. 

Below you'll find some of our discounts for the month, plus more about our newest exclusive product, the Powered Mount with USB Ports

Finally, we're happy to announce a photo contest for our Motorcycle Kit. Send your best install picture to for a chance to win $100. 

In a sea of big box stores and discount retailers, you've chosen our customer service and expertise time and time again, and we really appreciate your continued support.

As always, call us at 312-846-6606 or
email with any questions - we are here to help you!

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Getting the Best Sound from Your Radio

Bosch Deluxe Power Box SIRIUS-Ready Jobsite Radio
We offer a range of products to maximize audio quality. For car installations, many long-term Sirius customers are disappointed that newer radios simply don't have the same powerhouse FM transmitters that were built-in back in the late 2000s. For newer vehicle owners, this isn't a problem because newer vehicles can buy one of our aux cables starting at just $4.99 to plug into the vehicle's factory stereo. If you are like me, and drive a car without an aux input, you're going to need another solution. 
Cassette Tape Adapter

We have quality Cassette Adapters from just $3.99 that work great in car stereos like the one in my Maxima. 

An adapter like this sends the audio signal from your radio (or other device) to your tape deck's magnetic head for a static free sound experience. You'll love the simplicity of this solution and the quality is hard to match, especially at this price!
FM Direct Adapter
Some people don't like the look of a cable hanging from the tape deck and still want that crisp, clear sound for their favorite music channels. If you're one of those customers, and especially if you have an expensive aftermarket stereo that doesn't have satellite or an aux input, you would be well served by our FM Direct Adapter, now just $18.99. This device connects to your vehicle's FM antenna to give a static-free listening experience. 

Our Latest Exclusive Accessory
Mount and Power Your Satellite Radio, Smartphone and More

Powered Mount with USB Ports
This is a universal Powered Mount with USB Ports. It gives you the ability to place most smart phones, GPS devices, & SiriusXM receivers in quick and easy vehicle locations. USB charging ports give you the ability to charge most devices right in your car. It is a great option to combine with our solutions for Aux Inputs and the FM Direct Adapter.

Order Now - Just $14.99

Onyx Plus with Home Kit

Onyx Plus with Home Kit
The newest radio in the SiriusXM family is a snazzy-looking offering, especially at this price. 

* See full color album art while you listen
* Start songs from the beginning with TuneStart

* Create your own music channel by blending your favorite channels with TuneMix

Just $99.99


Roady XT Home & Car Kit Bundle

Roady XT Home & Car Kit Bundle
The smallest and lightest XM Satellite Radio available, the Roady XT SA10311 comes with everything you need to enjoy XM satellite radio in both your car and at home. Features include Tune Select to find your favorite artists and songs on any XM channel, Info extras to keep track of sports scores and stocks and much more. Same sound quality as every other XM radio with many of the same "bells and whistles". 

Motorcycle Kit

Motorcycle Kit
Our custom Motorcycle Kit solutions are the perfect way to enjoy satellite radio while riding the open road. 

Act now, while they are available, as we have been known to run out of this exclusive mounting solution. 

Remember, we're looking for the best pictures of Motorcycle Kit installs, with a $100 prize for the winner!

Unique Open Box and Used Item Offers

Big savings on items listed below! 

Many open box items are available. Just call 312-846-6606 anytime, 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday, or email us to ask for pricing and availability information on the items below. If you need something you don't see listed below, call anyway! We have a huge amount of quality loose products and parts for amazing prices. 
Sportster 5 and Other Used Like-New Radios
Sportster 5 and
Other Used
Like-New Radios
SUBX1 Boombox (Radio Not Included)
SUBX1 Boombox
(Radio Not Included)
Like New or Open Box
Tivoli, Satellite/Speaker
Good Condition
Awesome Sound
(Radio Not Included)
Awesome Sound
T10A and Other Antennas
T10A 'Dot' and
Other Antennas
Sirius or XM Open Box
SUBX1 Boombox (Radio Not Included)
5V and Other
Power Adapters
 (Car and Home)

Call for our best prices and current inventory!

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