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Issue #9: It's so beautiful!

Well, it's official - Carnival is really real! The production proof of the game was delivered to our doorstep this past weekend, and it looks marvelous. The cards are linen and shuffle well, the tickets are nice and chunky, and the box is just the right size. Even the insert turned out better than expected, with lots of room for dice and the tickets. We took her for a test ride and everything ran smoothly. Our printer has stated a delivery date of our 2,000 baby Carnivals on or before Dec. 10, so it looks like a lot of lucky gamers will have a happy holiday!

If you didn't get in on the Kickstarter campaign but would like to stuff Carnival in your or someone else's stocking, you can pre-order Carnival through Game Salute!

In-store Carnival!

Are you a retailer? If not, surely you have a favorite local game store, and they can get in on the Carnival action with special Preview Nights bundles from Game Salute! Preview Nights enable retailers to order multiple copies of Carnival and score a free copy for their game library; this way, they can organize a special demo of the game. If you'd like to see your local game store hold their own Carnival, then send them this!

Getting caffeinated

As you all know, the next big project for Dice Hate Me Games is VivaJava: The Coffee Game. We have several quote requests out with notable printers, and hope to sign with one soon. The component list for this one would make your head spin! Designer TC Petty III is headed to Dice Hate Me Games HQ this weekend to shoot the Kickstarter promo video - it won't be long now! We'll have much more on VivaJava in the next few weeks.
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