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Issue #14: Get Lucky!

Yes, true believers - Dice Hate Me Games has journeyed into the digital realm! We're proud to announce that everyone's favorite one-card wonder, Lucky Dice, is now available for the iOS. Many of you wonderful Carnival supporters received Lucky Dice as a bonus in The Sideshow expansion. Now you can play it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod - and best of all, you don't have to do the math!

Lucky Dice is free and will always be free, so head on over to the app store and check it out. Let us know what you think; we have much more planned for Lucky Dice - and a few other digital surprises - in the months to come!

And be sure to stop by the Dice Hate Me Games booth (booth 809) in the Exhibitor's Hall at Origins Game Fair where you'll be able to play Giant Lucky Dice for fame, glory and some awesome prizes!

Proof(s) of Progress!

Many of you are already aware of the awesome progress we're making on VivaJava, but for those that may have missed our latest update we received the hard proofs from the printer! As you can see in the photo above, the package we received included a massive amount of paper and cardboard - just about a whole tree's worth. Everything looks fantastic, and we're one step closer to VivaJava hitting game tables everywhere! For the full behind-the-scenes look at what hard proofs are all about, check out update #22 on the VivaJava Kickstarter page.

Something's Fishy

Take the Bait is on the line! That's right, we just wrapped production on our v.06 beta edition of Take the Bait and playtesting has been going swimmingly. The game has come a long way since our alpha tests and has evolved into a rich press-your-luck Euro with varied strategies for reeling in the big catch. We'll have a shiny prototype at Origins (you can see the board above), so be sure to stop by! We promise not to fish for too many compliments. And be sure to watch the official Take the Bait webpage for more exciting developments - and cool art! - coming soon.
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