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Issue #6: A Pulsar Peek

Remember how we mentioned entering a contest sponsored by The Game Crafter? Well, here's a first peek at some of the art being created for Pulsar - didn't Chris do a great job?! The game has gone through rounds of playtesting, so now it's time to firm up the rules and tidy up the art. Then we're good to go to hit "Publish", at which point we will wait to see if we get noticed :)

As the weeks pass before for the final date for entry (October 1), we'll be sure to keep you in the loop about our progress.

And we're off!

To the printer, that is. That's right! The end of August marked our deadline for getting the Carnival art files to the printer in order to stay on a production schedule that would put the game on the tables of Kickstarter backers before Christmas. We've held up our end of the bargain approving digital proofs and now we are awaiting the press proofs, which we should have by the end of this week. As soon as we approve these, a pre-production copy - that means the full game as we want it to be sold - will be sent to us for the last phase of approvals before 2,000 copies are made (!!!). We'll keep you posted!

Remember, there's still time to back Carnival on Kickstarter!

An Inspansion

A what?! Yes, designer of VivaJava, TC Petty III, has not only created an awesome game for us to publish, but also a new word. VivaJava was born as a game for 5-8 players, but through years of playtesting, TC realized that 3-4 players could enjoy it as well. Thus, the advent of the "inspansion". You know, like "expansion" only it comes in the box. He's a pretty clever guy, no?

We are also in the process of discovering what artistic style best suits this fun, thematic coffee competition; TC and Chris are working hard at finding just the right blend of Americana and coffee-house design. As always, we will settle for nothing less than the best and look forward to sharing it with you!
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