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Issue #3: Kickstarter, here we come!

What are you doing on August 17th? How about checking out our Kickstarter page? Yep, that's right. On August 17th, the moment you've all been waiting for will arrive when you'll be able to support Carnival and help get this show on the road. We will send you a quick reminder that morning which you could also pass on to your friends. We are super excited to show you all the work we've been up to :)


Who needs sleep?

We do! We survived three consecutive nights of less than five hours of sleep while at the WBC, playing game after game after game...I have no idea how we did it! I think they pump oxygen into the room - kinda like in Vegas - to keep people up having fun and being geeky. It was a blast. We had the opportunity to demo Carnival, Viva Java, Pulsar, and Fire!FIre!Fire! with friends old and new, as well as experience the creative works of others. There was such an awesome vibe of collaboration, support, and sportsmanship that has us looking forward to returning next year. Thank you, WBC!
The State of Games

We know you love us...

so here's some other ways in which you can get in touch:

Twitter: @dicehateme

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You can also hear our board game related rants and reviews on The State of Games, our podcast which is aired every other week. The latest episode is about all of our adventures at WBC, as well as those of our friends at GenCon. Have a listen! 

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