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Issue #12: The Big Game before The Big Game


On Sunday, much of the world and pretty much all of America will be huddled around a glowing screen watching an epic battle unfold. This will be a battle of shifting tactics, grand postulations, brilliant head games... and lots and lots of tiny wooden beans. That's right, VivaJava is coming to you live on Super Bowl Sunday! Java lovers and the coffee curious alike can witness a full game of VivaJava being played direct from Cartrunk Entertainment HQ with the designer himsel
f, T.C. Petty III.
Here's a bit direct from Cartrunk Entertainment's John Moller:
"We asked, you answered. We postulated having a live streaming game of VivaJava during the Superbowl. Your answers here, in twitter, on tumblr and via email were enough to make the decision seem like a good one. We’re doing it. Yes, Cartrunk Entertainment will be live streaming a game of VivaJava at 4:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) on Sunday February 5, 2012! We’ll have at least 6 experienced players blending and researching their way to coffee victory. It could be a full house by Sunday with 8 players vying for the coveted coffee crown!"
For more information about the event - and a link to several other VivaJava-related goodies - hop on over to Cartrunk Entertainment, and prepare to Get Caffeinated on Super Bowl Sunday! 

Bean Bags!

In our last newsletter, we announced the launch of the VivaJava Kickstarter campaign. Since then, thanks to our wonderful backers, we have surpassed our funding goal and just broke $20,000 in pledges! This means, of course, that it's time for overfunding goodies! Our first stretch goal reward is the burlap Bean Bag, perfect for holding all 90 wooden coffee beans included in every copy of VivaJava. Every backer who pledges for a copy of the game will receive a Bean Bag if we reach $25,000 in total pledges. For more information - and an adorable video featuring Cherilyn - check out this update on Kickstarter.

Going Retro

Remember the days when the only way to find out about awesome new things was from posters plastered around town or from the local kid selling the Grit newspaper? There's a certain unexplainable nostalgia about a random bit of paper catching your eye and discovering something new and cool. Well, we here at Dice Hate Me Games are going grassroots retro and starting some analog marketing for our analog game. And you can help! Click here for a pdf of the poster pictured above. Just print a few out and hang them up in your local coffee shops, libraries, kiosks or anywhere cool people like to be!
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