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Issue #10: 'Tis the season

To be jolly! You want to know why?! Well aside from embracing the love and friendship of those around us, whether it be with welcome quiet time after a year of rushing through a full life, celebrating at festive parties, or laughing and strategizing at the gaming table, December 2011 also brings you a wonderful announcement: Carnival is on U.S. soil! Which means that the amazing folks at Game Salute are busy as elves preparing over one thousand copies of our game to be shipped to your door. Although a couple of weeks later than we had hoped, Carnival will soon have its place on the shelf of hundreds of homes around the world, and for this reason we usher in 2012 with the hope of continued success and the excitement of new adventures.

From our gaming table to yours, we wish you 
- our steadfast supporters - love and light as you enjoy the beginnings of another year while creating new memories.

Highly caffeinated

Carnival is on its way to gamers, which means that here at Dice Hate Me HQ we are working hard on VivaJava! On our current list of coffee activities is tidying up the rules, creating a production schedule, and making preparations for our Kickstarter campaign. We plan to launch the project by mid-January with ambitions for backer distribution in May and an Origins 2012 release. Over the next few weeks we'll be revealing sneak peeks of the artistic development as it comes to life, as well as introducing more insight about VivaJava from the designer himself - TC Petty III. 

Paper & wood

There's a lot of that laying around Dice Hate Me HQ as we have started on the prototyping for our late-2012 release, Take the Bait. While Chris is putting his fine touches on the development and production of VivaJava, Cherilyn has been creating a physical version of what up to this point has been mere words in a Google doc. The translation from intangible to tactile is an exciting period for game designers and developers as they get to see, and finally touch, the fruits of their intellectual labor. Playtesting will begin in January...we'll definitely be keeping you posted about our progress!
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