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Issue #5: Project of the Day!

Can you believe it?! Nine days into the Kickstarter campaign and Carnival is the Project of the Day! Thank you to all who have pledged support already, and an invitation to others to watch the video that Ally did such a wonderful job of producing; doesn't this get you wanting a copy of your very own? 

By the way, what you see here to your left is the box cover art for Carnival - pretty snazzy, huh? Our goal was to create a fun, enticing, and classy presence on your (and the store!) shelves. We're working on the back right now and will be sure to keep you posted when that's ready to take a look at.

Game Salute

Have you ever wondered how games get into the hands of people all over the world? Well, we're not sure how everyone else does it, but we have decided that the folks at Game Salute have the best solution for us. They not only serve as a fulfillment and distribution center, but also as a sales outlet to spread the word about our games and to get them to gamers around the globe. Check out this post they wrote about Carnival, and while you're there you can browse their store :)


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