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Issue #4: One Wild Ride

For those of you who are as addicted to our Carnival Kickstarter page as we are, you already know about how amazing the past 48 hours have been. We raised our initial funding goal of $5,000 in 17 hours...17 HOURS!!! This has put us on the fast track to Phase Two, which you can read about under the Updates tab. If you haven't had the chance to check out our project on Kickstarter yet, please do!

Also, for a more intimitate look at the design process of creating Carnival, here is Cherilyn's Designer Diary on Board Game Geek. It's an interesting peek into the emotional ride and investment that goes along with creating a game - well, this game in particular :) 

And if you'd like to see some of the Carnival news coverage that has been popping up on the web, take a look at some of these quotes and click on their related links to read the full articles. We're so grateful and excited that our name is getting out there!

Yes, we multitask.

We also want you to know that along with all of the work, planning, and activity revolving around Carnival these days, we have not shelved our other upcoming products. VivaJava is still undergoing much playtesting to even further iron out gameplay, design, and rules. VivaJava has now entered phase two of art direction, which includes firming up board details and retroamericana coffee art for Blend and Flavor cards. Look for sneak previews in future newsletters!

And...Even more games?!

Why yes, even more games...isn't that cool? We've also been in the process of designing a couple of entries into The Game Crafter's vehicle game contest - Pulsar and Fire! Fire! Fire! are the working names. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with TGC, they are a print-on-demand game design service, not so different from companies such as Lulu and Zazzle, only games. We actually used TGC to print both the alpha and beta prototypes of Carnival; and we think  that the quality product is partially responsible for the wonderful initital reception we had received. 

So keep your eyes peeled for more updates on these works-in-progress!
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