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Issue #20: Caffeine, Compounds & Careful Consideration

As you can all see from the photo above, we've been cooking up a lot of fun in the Dice Hate Me Games lab lately. But as much fun as we - and we hope all of you - are having, it's sometimes a tough job managing so many moving parts. We've grown by leaps and bounds this year, all thanks to you, and that means we've had to make some tough and, we hope, smart decisions in game development and in production timelines. 

In an effort to give all of you a closer behind-the-scenes look at some of those processes, we've begun a Publisher's Blog on dicehatemegames.com. We'll update the blog periodically with our plans, our thoughts on upcoming and past conventions and gatherings, and just generally provide a little more insight into what we're doing and how we're doing it!

The first blog entry is all about the official Kickstarter release date of Compounded (it's Jan. 18, by the way), and how - through trial and error, and a lot of deep thought - we finally settled on it. Give it a read and let us know what you think. And if there's anything you'd like for us to talk about in the future, let us know!

Beans Around the World

It's here! VivaJava is here! Cardboard boxes full of caffeinated goodness have been popping up all over the world, and feedback has been fantastic. This project has truly been a labor of love, and your support and enthusiasm has made it all worth it. If you don't yet have a copy of VivaJava, it's not too late - you can order your very own copy now. Or, talk to your local retail store and ask them to get you a copy - and order more! And for those of you who already have VivaJava, check out this list of the influences and stories behind all the Blend Slate art and design!

Help Us Share the Love!

We can't express our gratitude for all the encouragement and support over the past year and a half as Dice Hate Me Games has continued to grow. But we want to spread the boardgaming love even further, and we can't do it without your help. We'll soon be jumpstarting a retailer outreach initiative - we want more stores to know our names, faces, and, most importantly, our games. If you know a local retailer that doesn't yet carry Dice Hate Me Games products, please let us know and we'll reach out to them. And let us know if you have ideas for events and promotions in your area!
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