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Issue #13: It's Like a Carnival!


It's spring, and that can mean only one thing - it's convention season! This year, Dice Hate Me Games is kicking off the season in style at the big show in Beantown: PAX East. We are thrilled to be a part of the Game Salute team during the convention and will be helping out in their big booth running demos. Cherilyn will be on hand to show off Carnival, and Chris will be shouting about VivaJava to everyone within earshot. Rumor has it that he'll also have designer T.C. Petty III's very own prototype to run demos for interested parties...

If you plan to be at PAX, swing by the Game Salute booth and say hello - we'd love to meet you. You can play Carnival with the designer, and talk with us about our upcoming projects. You can even buy a copy of Carnival - and pre-order VivaJava if you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign! And don't forget to follow @dicehateme on Twitter for news and updates during the show.

Even if you can't make PAX East, you can still catch us at Origins Game Fair in late May/June where we'll have our own swinging booth, complete with giant-sized Lucky Dice, a Carnival tournament, a chance to try out Take the Bait! and more swag than you could shake a carnival stick at.

Happy Gaming!

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