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Issue #8: Carnie College

No need to submit your SAT scores...you're all accepted! This may be our last week on Kickstarter, but we haven't been slacking! We finally got around to putting together a nice, animated, compelling tutorial to help everyone get a better feeling for how to play Carnival. We even include strategy notes! Take a look and let us know what you think. And if you like it, please send it on to others that may be interested in backing the project before time runs out. Remember that all pledgers who pre-order a copy of Carnival during these next 5 days will also now receive the special Ticket Tote and Wild! Die. 

Gone fishin'.

It may be the beginning of autumn, but we here at Dice Hate Me Games are already looking forward to our next visit to the lake. Take the Bait is now in its prototyping phase, after which it will undergo several months of playtesting to make it the quality game that we have imagined it to be. As always, we'll keep you updated on our progress, but for now you can feast your eyes on Kwanchai Moriya's beautiful artwork! Take the Bait is scheduled for a late-2012 release. 

Pulsar has launched!

Our entry into The Game Crafter's vehicle contest is in and now available for purchase through their store. While you're perusing the page, cross your fingers that we place, ok? Also, if you can help spread the word about Pulsar and we can garner enough interest for it, we will consider publishing a deluxe version similar in scale to Carnival. Meanwhile, it will remain on TGC site representing Dice Hate Me Games!
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