9 days left before Halloween. Don't miss anything about the Dragon of Shandon Samhain Parade preparation.

Join the Fright Choir

Howls and wails, screams and cackles!!! Singers and loudmouths are invited to join a choir with a difference as part of the Dragon of Shandon.

A short workshop on the day will take place with sound designer Rumhann Howard-Hildige and the choir will be facepainted and dressed in black as part of the parade theme.

Please email or text 087 3900267 if you are interested in taking part.


To celebrate the 6th Dragon of Shandon we are giving 3 lucky winners the chance to win a one night break for two including B&B on Halloween night courtesy of the Maldron Hotel Shandon.  This is a great opportunity to find yourself in the heart of historic Shandon for the parade and performance!
To enter the competition simply answer the question "What is the overall length of the sellotape Dragon of Shandon?" through our website "competition" page or on a postcard to Cork Community Art Link, 107 Shandon Street, Cork by Wednesday 26th Oct @ 5pm. 
Correct answers will be put into a hat and the winners announced next Thursday 27th October.
Good luck!

Tourist office

In the build up to the parade on the 31st we have installed a freaky Samhain window display in the Failte Ireland Tourist Office on Grand Parade. Many thanks to the placements from the Arts Administration course in Stiofan Naofa who worked on the props  and installed the finished display with Cork Community Art Link.



We were delighted to have Maria Mullarkey and Seamus O Suilleabhain from Nationwide who spent the day with us filming preparations for the parade. Amongst the workshops they attended were The Cope Foundation rehearsal, masking making with the boys from The School Completion Programme and a dress rehearsal with the Blarney Street Youth Club. The programme will air on Monday the 31st of October, so if you cant make it to the parade be sure to tune in to see what you're missing. And of course if you are joining us for the Dragon of Shandon Parade then you'll just have to press record !
follow.adn more photos will We areDRAGON 


This is the amount of new visitors that took a look at the new Dragon of Shandon website during the last month. Hopefully the numbers will continue to increase as we are get closer to Samhain night.

Get Involved

Free workshops are open to all to practice their skills in various artistic disciplines.
Everybody is encouraged to join in, it's good fun and totally free.
Mask , Giant puppet and prop making: From Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm.
All workshops take place at Cork Community Art link, 107 Shandon Street.

Timmey Mathews

Timmey  Mathews

Timmey Mathews became involved with Art Link as an art worker in 2008. As a Northsider Tim was very familiar with the Shandon area, it's people and surroundings and discovered the Community Arts organisation through its  “What if … Shandon” project in  2006.
For the last four years, we have changed a lot of the parts of the Dragon, from head to toe, but the spirit around it remains the same. Now the parade is very well known and anticipated by local people. The interest in it has never stopped to grow, and many people around the north side would talk about it as the highlight of the year, whether they are participants or spectators. What makes the Dragon parade special is that it takes it's roots in the very heart of Shandon where Art Link has it's premises.
It’s great to see the locals working as stewards for the night for instance and I would know a lot of them personally. Nothing beats the feeling of a project where everybody is involved and no one feels like an outsider.

Timmey Mathews with Cope Foundation
As a key member of the creative team over a number of years Timmey has his own feelings about the growth of the project.
We keep improving every part of the project, but I don’t see it as necessarily a good thing for it to reach a point where the Dragon will turn into a big machine, because Art Link is about people working together and helping each other. This way is better and way more fun. Art Link is definitely more about people than about the job, if you want to get in, you must like people. I have the feeling that the parade has reached a good balance and if it grows bigger, it will become rigid, regimental and lose its community aspect. Probably the best way around it would be to have other parades growing in a different part of Cork City.

Timmey  Mathews with North Presentation Primary School
Nothing makes Timmey  happier than seeing families bringing their kids on the night to the Shandon area. 
The Dragon parade brought back life in the street and hopefully that will help to get the children to come back to play in the street, and increase the interactions among the locals. Also it’s fabulous to see the Buttera playing for Shandon in the parade because they are such a strong symbol of the history of this part of the city.

Do you have a memory or opinion to share about the Dragon of Shandon? Whether you were actively involved or just enjoying the show, feel free to voice your opinion on our website through this questionnaire.


Fallen Angels from Blarney Street Youth Club, ready to soar (Photo Credit: Stefano Saccullo)

We are looking for people to volunteer a couple of hours on the night of the Parade to assist with stewarding. There will be a stewards meeting on Sunday 23rd at 4pm outside the Shandon Craft Centre. If you cant make this meeting its ok, just contact us at Art Link and we can prep you on the night!
If you are available we would love to hear from you.


We are still looking to fill the ParadeTeam with people to move the Giant Puppets and Props on the night of the parade.  This role involves being in costume in the parade moving puppets or single props in a synchronised movement.  Its grest fun and not complicated so no previous experience is required!! If you can commit to being available for a rehearsal on the 23rd of October or on the weekend of the parade we would love to hear from you!

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