Friday, January 19, 2018

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We continue to see more and more reschedules, especially with the winter weather. Please refer to the Section 10 J Rescheduling and Section 11 E Domestic and NTI Block and Duty Limitations chart of the LUS Redbook which can be found in your tablets.  
>>When Do I Go Illegal Calculator - LUS

As we begin to prepare for October 2018, there are many changes in store for us. All of the remaining sections of the JCBA will go into effect, including the change to Scheduling, Hours of Service, Reserve, Speaker, and International.
The Company has trained hundreds of Flight Attendants to be in the crew rooms to provide information regarding these changes. We encourage you to take the time to speak with the Specialists and walk through the short presentation so you will be familiar with what is coming with FOI.
We would like to remind you that these are line qualified Flight Attendants who have dedicated their time to learn this and have signed up to come out here and present this to their peers. They are the messengers, so please be respectful as they are here to provide information. If you have questions that they are unable to answer immediately, they will find the answer for you. You may also call your local base reps for clarification.  
This has been a long and winding road, and we are heading into the final phases. Please sign up for the national and local hotlines to stay informed.

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WINGS Foundation

The Wings Foundation is a charitable organization administered by active American Airlines Flight Attendants to assist American Airlines Flight Attendants in critical need of financial assistance due to illness, injury or disability; or who have sustained damage to their primary residence that is damaged or destroyed by a catastrophic event or natural disaster.

If you would like to contribute or volunteer, visit the website or contact The Wings Foundation and the Flight Attendants of American Airlines, thank you for your support.

Kim Kaswinkel
APFA PHL Base President

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