May 15, 2015

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Recovering Hours When Training Causes You To Drop Time
The options to recover time are as follows:

1)  HVBL days, which permit recovery of the value of the removed sequence plus up to one hour. Normal HVBL rules apply, or;

2)  Call Crew Schedule and obtain trip(s) from Open Time equal to the value of the removed sequence plus up to one hour.

As normal HVBL rules are applicable for option one, so are the rules for access to Open Time according to Article 9.K – pre-plotting. 

Pre-plotting allows the Flight Attendant to add trips to their schedule in advance.  The limitation outlined in Article 9.K.2, however, restricts this option as of 0001 local base time one day prior to the scheduled departure time of the first leg.

The day prior to the trip a FA can only obtain the trip through AV/HV and  MU/ II/ CC as outlined in Art 9.L.

Purser on NIPD and Purser Move Up (V)
Due to certain 757 and 767-300 aircraft flying both NIPD and IPD markets, the computer will continue to require a Purser when Open Time trips need to be covered by Crew Schedule.

Only Purser-qualified Flight Attendants will be eligible to pick up the Number 1 position on those aircraft from Open Time, including HIPLOT for AVBL and HVBL as well as trading with Open Time. Additionally, only Purser-qualified Flight Attendants will be allowed to pick up the number 1 position on the 757-BA or the 767 aircraft via proffered flying, i.e., Make-Up (MU), Option II (II), Voluntary Purser (V), etc., as there is no viable solution to circumvent the FOS Purser requirement with trips from open time.

Please be aware, the ability for Volunteer purser has not been eliminated. Article 9.U – assignment of open purser positions – is the applicable language.

For day-before coverage:
The most senior Purser on a sequence who is not in the Purser position and has indicated a desire to be awarded the Purser position with a “V” by 0800 the day before the trip will continue to be moved prior to processing Make-up. (Exceptions to straight seniority may apply when a speaker is required in the Purser position.)

For the day-of coverage:
If Crew Schedule is unable to fill the open Purser position through normal coverage (MU/II etc.) and prior to assigning a Reserve Purser, the following procedure is still in effect: If a qualified Purser is working the sequence and has indicated their desire to be awarded the purser position with a “V”, the open position shall be assigned to the most senior volunteer (V). There may be exceptions if the Purser position requires a speaker.

If you do not want the Purser “move up,” please remove yourself from the volunteer mode.

Jaimie McNeice
National Scheduling Chair


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