Thursday, September 22, 2016

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DCA Trips: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Last week, Christine and I met with the Vice President of Operations,  District Manager, and DCA Base Manager to relay many Flight Attendant's concerns; the first being Trip Construction.
During monthly Allocation Calls which include both the Company and the Union, we have been told numerous times by Crew Planning that the ability to make improvements to the Trip Pairings cannot occur until Flight Attendant Operational Integration (FOI).
I relayed this is not only unacceptable, but it is especially disconcerting now due to the Company's delay in FOI, which of course is not the Flight Attendant's fault.
For those of us who have been through numerous mergers, we can attest that there has never been a decline in trips to this magnitude. Furthermore, Reserve enhancements and Base Transfers are a big concern for many and will continually be addressed.
PBS Update

Nobody wants a repeat of December 2015. 
Your LUS Leaders and APFA relayed to the Company during a meeting on 8/2/16 that we must start working together on preventative measures for the upcoming holiday months.
For example, overloading the system with too many Reserves, increased Minimum Line Values, and Crew Planning building numerous 4-Days is not the answer.  Historical Data and Flight Attendant feedback proves that.
We will be attending a PBS Follow Up Meeting on 9/27/16 to see what solutions and progress have been made. Additionally, as I previously reported the last two Optimizer Run Simulations did not include LUS data, and we are pushing for a third meeting to include that as well.
Should it become necessary for the Company to allocate more funds in order to allow manual adjustments, and produce desirable results for our Flight Attendants, than so be it.
FADAP -  "What's that?"
Recently, I, along with others from APFA including EAP Representatives attended the annual Flight Attendant Drug and Alcohol Program (FADAP) in Baltimore. 

FADAP is endorsed by 25 airlines, includung American, and is available to all Flight Attendants 24/7, no matter if you are active, furloughed, or on a leave.
Three American Airlines Flight Attendants spoke to an audience of over 250 peers about how this program helped them and it was a powerful message that resonated no matter what wings we wear. The Confidential Hotline is (855) 333-2327.

You can learn more about FADAP by visiting their website at
In Deepest Sympathy - DCA Flight Attendant Aaron Bocknek 
It was great sadness that I relay the passing of our fellow friend and Flight Attendant Aaron Bocknek.

During my last conversation with Aaron, he relayed an appreciation for all the kindness and support during his long battle with cancer.

Thank you for continuing to look out for each other. It is especially important during challenging times like the recent rioting in CLT. We are stronger and better together.
In Solidarity and Support,

Dianne Britton
APFA DCA-LUS Base President

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