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APFA Weekly Hotline - Bankruptcy Hearing, DOJ, Employment/Sick/Vacation Threshold, Equity Claim, VEOP Equity, AM/PM, AVBL FAs and Hotel Update - August 16, 2013

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Yesterday in bankruptcy court, Judge Lane held a hearing on the merger plan. The hearing was originally scheduled to be the final episode in the merger’s approval but the Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit will delay our timeline and add another procedural hoop to jump through. The possibility of the DOJ not providing approval exists in any merger, and our plan is to follow the proper procedures while leaving nothing in our artillery. Judge Lane delayed making a decision on the Plan of Reorganization until August 29, 2013. Follow us on Twitter @apfaunity. You can click here to read all the tweets from yesterday's hearing.

Earlier this week, the US Department of Justice, along with the attorneys general of six states and the District of Columbia filed a federal antitrust lawsuit to block the American-US Airways merger.

As a result of the government’s lawsuit, the timeline for our merger completion and bankruptcy exit is pushed back. AA will now not receive approval to exit for at least 30 days, possible a few months. This move by the DOJ should focus our efforts on working even harder toward a successful merger with US Airways. The option of a standalone plan does not exist for our members. The employees of American Airlines and US Airways have faced much larger obstacles than this and we will ultimately prevail.

Congress is on break until September. APFA, in concert with the other unions on both properties, is currently working on a coordinated effort. This will involve members from both airlines and must be done in a way that maximizes our impact but does not hinder the work being done behind the scenes. APFA does not believe it is wise for any individual union to wade into a highly political situation without a solid plan. Our strategy must be strong and well-planned. Please stayed tuned to this hotline to learn what part you will play in it.

This week's announcement regarding the DOJ lawsuit generated many calls from our members concerning thresholds for employment as well as sick and vacation accrual eligibility contained in the LBFO. APFA continues to encourage our members to meet the current thresholds.

Employment threshold: 420 paid hours (or an average of 35 paid hours per active month) for the 2013 calendar year
Sick and vacation accrual threshold: 600 paid hours (or an average of 50 hours per active month) for the 2013 calendar year.  

Again, please continue to focus on meeting these thresholds until we actually exit bankruptcy and the merger takes place.

APFA has published a flight-attendant specific web site to answer members questions regarding the Equity Claim. AA's deadline to file your W-9 is still August 23. That is one week away. If your permanent address is a PO Box, you are required to physically mail your W-9 to the company. Please accomplish the W-9 filing as soon as possible to avoid any unwelcome extra withholdings. Visit

As a reminder, flight attendants who leave under the VEOP are eligible for their share of the APFA Equity Claim when it is finally distributed. In order to receive your share of the claim, you must keep your contact information current with APFA and AA. To update your address and contact information with APFA, please send a message to

APFA and AA have agreed that the next two bases that will have the AM/PM option will be ORD and IOR. Look for more details on this Hotline.

There's been a bit of confusion regarding FAs on availability and the confirming of trips. When an AVBL FA participates in the HISEND round and is awarded a trip with the HS code, there is no need for first party confirmation of the assignment with Crew Scheduling. On the other hand, if the FA is assigned a trip at 1330 with the AV code, Crew Scheduling is required to make a call and must have first party contact with the FA to confirm the assignment. Please be sure you acknowledge your assignment when required in order to avoid a Missed Trip.

For the month of September, ALL BNA long layover crews will overnight at our short layover hotel.  Plans are to announce a new long layover hotel soon.  Please visit the Hotel Page at for information about the short layover hotel.

APFA's Hotel Department has received complaints related to crew members smoking in non-smoking hotels/rooms. Please be respectful of your fellow crew members, and other guests, and obey all hotel policies. Also, you are subject any related cleaning fees for smoking in a non-smoking room.

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Leslie Mayo
APFA National Communications Coordinator
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