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October 10, 2014

The Messenger, Psychic Visions and Voices

by Joy Star

We Swim in a Vast Cosmic Ocean of Awareness 

Have you seen it?  It was released in 1999.  It’s been around a while.   The movie, THE MESSENGER, with Milla Jovovich and Dustin Hoffman?  Yeah, the one about the French peasant girl who heard voices and had visions and led France to a victories over England—Joan of Arc!  
I rented it from the local library the other day and that has me thinking a bit more about intuition and imagery. 

Visualization is one of our most basic mental processes.  It was around before speech, after all; imagery it is at the core of our inner direction.  Visualization, like dreams, have always enabled guidance and brought forth messages. 

But what about our doubts?  And which ones do we trust?  Dustin Hoffman’s role toward the end of the movie expresses the kinds of doubts that can interfere with the visions and imagery.  But faith and knowing are always stronger.    

Intuition, after all, is a gut-knowing or reaction and it actually produces a change in the physiologic process – chills, stomach or intestinal sensations, muscle twinges and changes in heartbeat and breathing.  Visions, as well as external triggers, produce those intuitive responses in the physical body which validate our intuition and strengthen our faith.  So much in the movie is an example of this.

We intuit unconsciously before the left brain has a chance to grapple with the response that originally comes from the non-local consciousness in a non-physical location.  This is why I nearly cringe to hear people say that they cannot receive a message or intuit anything for their life… they do it all the time but simply do not recognize it and probably doubt the intuitions that they do receive.  Misunderstanding.

Perhaps Joan of Arc was an example of one who trusted and believed in her intuitive visions and acted upon them with intense faith.  For me the stories about her, in many ways, cast her as role model for my life especially for her courage and conviction in trusting her visions and inner voices. 

I've always felt an affinity and affection for Joan of Arc and in the Catholic tradition of the sacrament of confirmation, chose her as my namesake. 

My own message for this week is as follows.  There is a larger field of awareness that we are part of and connected with at all times.  It is a much vaster field of awareness—a cosmic ocean in which our conscious mind swims.  We’re merged with it at all times and we are connected to this universal aspect. 

It provides direct knowing and we can tap into this awareness by simply relaxing the rational mind.  We can allow intuitive imagining and practice monitoring our physical responses which will help us develop faith and trust in our intuitions. 

This past week, October 8, 2014,  we experienced a FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE in the sign of Aries.

The Moon was merged with the planet of surprises, Uranus.

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