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Good news in the fight for parental rights
Defeat in OR and WA for opponents of parents' rights means California has hope
Why vaccines are controversial: Doctors speak out

Here's good news that should motivate you to call Sacramento today:

First, in Oregon and Washington, legislative attempts failed which would have eliminated parents' rights to decide whether it's helpful or harmful for their own children to be injected with vaccines, which contains a bacteria or virus, along with other fillers

Second, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., a "star" for Democrat politicians, who helped defeat the Oregon bill, is exerting his influence against California Democrats' efforts to mandate vaccines without informed consent or parental consent. "I don't feel that my children were damaged by vaccines, but I know that other children have been," Kennedy says

Third, Campaign for Children and Families / has identified the top California state senators for you to call. They are the 11 Republicans and 11 Democrats who have not coauthored the 2 bills imposing new vaccine mandates, SB 277 and SB 792. If most of these senators vote no or abstain on these tyrannical mandates, these bad bills will be defeated.

Leave this simple message when you call these state senators:

"Protect informed consent and parental consent on vaccines. Oppose SB 277 and SB 792."

11 Democrat state senators who have not coauthored SB 277

1.  Senator Ed Hernandez 916-651-4022 (Senate Health Committee chair)
2.  Senator Richard D. Roth 916-651-4031 (Senate Health Committee member)
3.  Senator Bill Monning 916-651-4017 (Senate Health Committee member)
4.  Senator Fran Pavley 916-651-4027
5.  Senator Loni Hancock 916-651-4009
6.  Senator Connie M. Leyva 916-651-4020
7.  Senator Carol Liu 916-651-4025
8.  Senator Ben Hueso 916-651-4040
9.  Senator Ricardo Lara 916-651-4033
10. Senator Cathleen Galgiani 916-651-4005
11. Senator Tony Mendoza 916-651-4032 (author of SB 792)

11 Republican state senators who have not coauthored SB 277

1.  Senator Janet Nguyen 916-651-4034 (Senate Health Committee vice-chair)
2.  Senator Jim Nielsen 916-651-4004 (Senate Health Committee member)
3.  Senator Bob Huff 916-651-4029 (Senate Republican leader)
4.  Senator Anthony Cannella 916-651-4012
5.  Senator Andy Vidak 916-651-4014
6.  Senator Ted Gaines 916-651-4001
7.  Senator Tom Berryhill 916-651-4008
8.  Senator Jean Fuller 916-651-4016
9.  Senator Patricia Bates 916-651-4036
10.  Senator Mike Morrell 916-651-4023
11.  Senator Joel Anderson 916-651-4038
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U.S. Founding Father John Adams, 2nd U.S. President

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