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From The Musician's Way Blog

Popular posts from the past two months:
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Competitive Advantages. Three principles that enable musicians to rise above the pack.
Reviving Old Repertoire. 6 practice strategies for bringing rusty pieces up to stage-ready condition.
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Tour Abroad

USArtists International provides funding for American musicians and ensembles to appear at festivals abroad. Applications are due April 20.

Instruments on Planes

Flying with musical instruments just got a whole lot easier thanks to the FAA's new uniform policy for transporting instruments on commercial flights.

Sparking Insight

In a recent article published in the Wall Street Journal, Jonah Lehrer summarizes research that illuminates how creative insights bubble up. 

More than Motivation

We have to be motivated if we're to to advance our musical abilities, but motivation alone doesn't suffice. We also need specific learning strategies, as this article on the Freakonomics site makes plain.

Quality First

In "The Myth of 'Practice Makes Perfect'" author Anne Murphy Paul reaffirms that, "it's not how much you practice but whether you're quick to fix your errors that leads to mastery."

Need a Logo?

Avoid common logo design mistakes with these valuable tips from Crazy Leaf Design.

Title Tips

Craft attention-grabbing titles for blogs and other publications using these 6 Characteristics of Exceptional Blog Titles published on Hubspot.

Tweeting Like a Pro

On the Twitter developers site, we now find Twitter for Musicians - a list of best practices. There's also a post describing Live-Tweeting Best Practices

NYC Performance Spaces

Rehearsal and performance spaces in New York City can now be searched via a single site - see the Fractured Atlas blog for more info.

Nail Your Audition

Enjoy the challenges of auditioning and trounce your competition in the processes by applying these 8 principles for successful auditions from The Musician's Way Blog archive.

Musician Revenue Streams

How do musician's really earn their livings? The Future of Music Coalition has published a study of musician revenue streams that gives snapshots of diverse professionals.

Music Law Myths

We can sidestep costly mistakes by learning basic music business concepts. In "5 Myths About Music Industry Law," Juan Lopez offers must-know pointers.

Seat Geek Gets Cool

Ticket search engine SeatGeek.com is partnering with Bloomberg Philanthropies to help ticket seekers discover offerings by lesser-know New York arts organizations. A compelling application of user preference technology.

Making Sense of Music Editions

Can you differentiate between urtext, performance, facsimile, and scholarly editions? Doing so will be a snap after you read "The 4 Types of Music Editions."

Better is Better

Today's musicians often put together portfolio careers in which they broaden their impacts beyond traditional boundaries. In a recent article, marketing guru Seth Godin proposes an essential question to ask before we extend our brand.

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  • More than Motivation
  • Quality First
  • Need a Logo?
  • Title Tips
  • Tweeting Like a Pro
  • NYC Performance Spaces
  • Nail Your Audition
  • Musician Revenue Streams
  • Music Law Myths
  • Seat Geek Gets Cool
  • Making Sense of Music Editions
  • Better is Better
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