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From The Musician's Way Blog

Focused Attention in Practice. Disciplined mental habits equip us to excel under pressure.
Easeful Music Making. Attain unity with your instrument!
Accurate from the Start. Precision in practice leads to confidence on stage.

A Different Kind of Slow Practice. 5 strategies that bridge the gap between slow and fast playing.

Flying with Instruments

Updated tips for musicians who travel by air are compiled on the website of the League of American Orchestras.

Ivory Headaches

Instruments containing ivory can trigger a range of travel headaches. A December article in the Washington Post illustrates problems and solutions.

Better Public Speaking

Many musicians feel challenged to speak effectively from the stage, but the tips in Julian Treasure's 10-minute TED talk can help.

To Book & Rebook

In a February 2016 post on the Law and Disorder Blog, the authors address whether musicians who are booked at a venue by an agent can then approach the same venue to rebook themselves.

Inside an Orchestra Audition

An article in the Cincinnati Enquirer profiles one musician's grueling experience pursuing a seat in the Cincinnati Symphony.

Deep Practice

To be secure and artistic on stage, we performers need to practice deeply. The Musician's Way delves into the 3 elements of deep practice: mastery, integration, and transcendence.

The Freelancer Mindset

Peter Spellman, Director of Career Development at Berklee, has published a free guide to help freelance musicians to boost their productivity.


Applications for New Jazz Works grants from Chamber Music America are due by March 4; Project Grant Applications to NewMusicUSA must be received by April 4. Discover more grants via my post, "Resources for Grantseekers."

Business Cards

Need fresh cards? Business card provider Moo offers memorable designs and superior quality for musicians.

Beautiful Repetition

Practice necessarily involves repetition, but only certain types of repetition empower us to make exciting music. My article Beautiful Repetition reveals 4 key features of artistic repetition. 

Zoom to the Top

The Zoom digital audio recorder H4NSP, updated in 2015, continues to receive rave reviews from musicians. The Zoom H2n is also an excellent choice for self-study recording.

45 Revenue Streams

The Future of Music Coalition publishes a list of 45 musician revenue streams, shedding light on the many ways that musicians build sustainable careers. Also check out their quizzes.

MW.com Redesign

MusiciansWay.com boasts a fresh look, with updated resources and all the rich content that draws more than 100,000 people to the site each year.

12th Printing

The Musician's Way has become a go-to text for musicians and educators worldwide, and the paperback is now in its 12th printing. Thanks for your support, everyone! 

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  • From The Musician's Way Blog
  • Flying with Instruments
  • Ivory Headaches
  • Better Public Speaking
  • To Book & Rebook
  • Inside an Orchestra Audition
  • Deep Practice
  • The Freelancer Mindset
  • Grants
  • Business Cards
  • Beautiful Repetition
  • Zoom to the Top
  • 45 Revenue Streams
  • MW.com Redesign
  • 12th Printing
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