What an extraordinary time to be a musician! Even with all of the economic uncertainties, thanks to technological advances, we now can reach audiences, collaborate, and share our creativity like never before. I hope that this newsletter will fuel your love of music and inspire you to fearlessly pursue your dreams. Gerald Klickstein

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From The Musician's Way Blog

Popular posts from the past two months:
"The Art of Spontaneity." Unite spontaneous creativity with technical security.
"Let's Get Relevant." Guidelines for crafting concert programs that resonate with the public.
"Efficient Practice." Four ways to get the most out of your practice time.
"Stage Power" When was the last time that you cast a spell from the stage?
"Rebounding from Subpar Performances." Transform on-stage problems into creative insights.

That's the Ticket

Thanks to Eventbrite, selling & printing concert tickets as well as promoting events just got a lot easier.

Pentatonic Power

Bobby McFerrin demonstrates the universality of the pentatonic scale in this uplifting video from the World Science Festival.

Creative Thinkering

In “Why You Keep Getting the Same Old Ideas,” Michael Michalko explains why we fall into habitual mental patterns. For a powerful creative thinking tool, see "Scamper to Higher Creativity" on The Musician's Way Blog.

QR Revolution

In this helpful video, Ron Evans of groupofminds Arts Marketing, shows how musicians and arts organizations can use QR codes to enhance their relationships with their audiences.

Lessons in Professionalism

Andrew Hitz, tuba player with the Boston Brass, shares two stories of young musicians whose one-time lapses of professionalism cost them untold opportunities.

MusiciansWay Advertisers

I've taken on advertisers to help cover the costs of maintaining the MusiciansWay site and blog. Kindly support them by clicking on their ads and exploring their offerings.

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As many as half of us musicians incur music-induced hearing loss. Discover ways to protect your hearing in my article "Hear Today. Hear Tomorrow."

Building Trust in Teams

In “11 Ways to Build Trust within Your Team,” Mike Henry of the Lead Change Group offers valuable guidelines applicable to diverse collaborative enterprises, including musical ones.

Square Up

Square is the new cool thanks to the company Square, which produces a “pocket-sized credit card reader that plugs into your phone’s audio jack.” For Android and Apple devices, it’s a boon to micro-commerce. See the Music Careers page at MusiciansWay.com for more entrepreneurial resources.

Fun with Ear Training

"Not possible," you say? Then you haven't checked out the top-notch online ear training and theory games available from Theta Music.

Millenial Throwdown

Maura Lafferty is sick of hearing pundits accuse her Millenial generation of being ignorant of the arts. In “Millenials: The Throwdown,” she lets establishment figure Michael Kaiser have a piece of her mind and a piece of something else too. 

The Taste of Music 

Dortmund Concert Hall enlisted the help of music-loving cows to promote its 2010-11 season, and with historic results. This video tells the tale. An ingenious community engagement strategy!

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  • Fun with Ear Training
  • Millenial Throwdown
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