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From The Musician's Way Blog

3 Traits of Successful Concert Programs. Craft programs that command attention.
Divergent Thinking in Practice. Solve technical problems and unleash your creative powers.
Learning the Art of Performance. Make performing feel as natural as friendly conversation.

3 Ways to Build Concert Programs. Construct powerful programs using music you already know.

Old Cello, New Life

The cello played by Pablo Casals has been loaned to celebrated cellist Amit Peled, who is touring with the instrument to universal praise. Read more in the Wall Street Journal.

Adiós to "The Arts"

In recent posts on his Arts Journal blog, Greg Sandow zeroes in on why traditional arts institutions are fading and proposes ways in which musicians and institutions can attract new audiences.

Building Audiences

Speaking of audience-building, the Wallace Foundation publishes research and resources to help us grow our audiences.

Longy-Bard Orchestral Academy

The Longy School of Music and Bard College are launching a new pre-professional orchestral academy in New York in which participants earn masters degrees and receive full fellowships. Applications due January 2, 2015.


The New World Symphony just published a site called MUSAIC, which is chock-full of free videos with expert advice from music pros.

Theta Music

Theta Music Trainer recently released more free music theory and ear training games that make it fun for students to grow their music literacy.

Who Wrote What?

In October, The Guardian published a 10-question quiz that tests whether we actually know who wrote certain "well-known bits of classical music."

Give TMW, Get an E-book

Buy the paperback edition of The Musician's Way from Amazon, perhaps as a gift, and you can purchase the e-book for yourself for $2.99! (US only)

Deep Memorization

My post The Four Stages of Memorization encapsulates the strategies spelled out in The Musician's Way that empower us to perform securely from memory even in high-pressure situations.

Criminal Non-Payment

If you're hired to perform a concert or gig and then the contracting party doesn't pay you, is it a crime? If their check bounces, then probably so. More on the Law and Disorder blog on MusicalAmerica.com

Silk Roadtrip

Yo-Yo Ma's Silk Road Ensemble will tour the US in February & March. Info on the Silk Road site.

Zoom H4n Price Cut

I've used the Zoom portable recorders for years with outstanding results, and Amazon in the US has temporarily cut the price on my favorite model, the H4n recorder: now under $200 with free shipping.

Promote Your Album

Speaking of recording, a recent article on the Discmakers Blog sums up 9 strategies to promote an album release.

Transcribe Software

If you want to improve your ability to transcribe music by ear, Transcribe Software is a low-cost tool to slow down recordings without changing pitch. Available for either Windows or Mac.

Musicians & Underpants

What do aspiring musicians and underpants gnomes have in common? Far too much. More in my post, "Do Musicians Often Resemble Underpants Gnomes?"

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  • Orchestral Academy
  • Theta Music
  • Who Wrote What?
  • Give TMW, Get E-book
  • Deep Memorization
  • Criminal Non-Payment
  • Silk Roadtrip
  • Zoom H4n Price Cut
  • Promote Your Album
  • Transcribe
  • Musicians & Underpants
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