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From The Musician's Way Blog

The No. 1 Motivator of Music Practice. Target your practice toward an exhilarating purpose.
Committing to the Creative Process. With patient enthusiasm, we practice, advancing on our paths.

The Heart of Performance. "Every performance is different. That's the beauty of it." -Van Morrison
5 Benefits of Self-Recording. Number 5: It helps us appraise our work objectively.
Bringing Joy to Practice. 4 habits that infuse practice with bountiful spirit.

Transcending Categories

In a recent interview published in the Detroit Free Press, Yo-Yo Ma tells aspiring musicians, "Your job is to transcend categories."

Funds to Perform Overseas

US musicians can receive funding from USArtists International to perform at overseas festivals. Spring applications are due April 18.

Join a Choir!

Leah McLaren writes about the joys and benefits of choral singing in Toronto's Globe and Mail.

Mindsets that Motivate

Whether we're teaching or learning, by adopting particular mindsets, we amplify our learning power, as described on KQED's MindShift site.

Interleaving Practice

Are we better off practicing one thing for an extended period, or should we mix it up? Researcher Robert Bjork outlines the benefits of interleaving practice.

Dollars for Ensembles

A new program launched by the Paul R. Judy Center for Applied Research will award grants of $500-$2,000 to innovative ensembles. Applications are due by September 1, 2014.


In February 2014, the American Society of Composers, Authors, & Publishers celebrated the organization's 100th anniversary. On the Oxford University Press Blog, Gary Rosen summarizes the significance of this milestone.


Pianist Simone Dinnerstein spoke on NPR about her love of Bach and her initiative to bring Bach's keyboard music to schools, a program she calls "Bachpacking."

Habits to Succeed By

Cellist David Finckel sums up 10 Habits of Successful Musicians on The Strad blog.

Sleeping to Better Practice

When we have much music to practice and little time to do so, ample sleep aids our learning, as Noa Kageyama explains in his Bulletproof Musician Blog.

French-American Jazz Exchange

Grants up to $25,000 are available from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation to support collaborative projects between French and American jazz musicians. Proposal deadline: May 30, 2014.

Education & Value

When measuring the value of higher education, many people look for correlations between the costs of earning degrees and the income graduates earn. Writing in The Hechinger Report, college president Karen R. Lawrence advocates for a holistic approach that considers both "the personal and professional trajectory of a human being."

The Peak-Performance Myth

"To make the most of a performance, the key is to be open to your experience and to discover new things in both the music and yourself." Read more on The Musician's Way Blog.

TMW On Sale

For a limited time, The Musician's Way is available for 35% off from Amazon.com - that's the lowest price of the year.

Free Sheet Music

More and more music libraries around the world are making their collections available for free download. Check out the general free music resources on MusiciansWay.com as well as ones targeted to singers and instrumentalists.

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  • Mindsets that Motivate
  • Interleaving Practice
  • Dollars for Ensembles
  • ASCAP 100
  • Bachpacking
  • Habits to Succeed By
  • Sleeping to Better Practice
  • French-American Jazz Exchange
  • Education & Value
  • The Peak-Performance Myth
  • TMW On Sale
  • Free Sheet Music
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