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From The Musician's Way Blog

Keeping Practice in Mind. 7 habits that boost productivity and feed our motivation to practice.
How Not to Pursue a Music Career. 12 unwise yet common moves.
Handling Criticism in Rehearsals. Ways to harmonize critical give and take.
The Fight-or-Flight Response. Transform onstage adrenaline into creative power.

Instrument Passports

The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) is causing headaches for numerous traveling musicians whose instruments contain bits of banned material. Thankfully. the League of American Orchestras posted tips for avoiding problems.

Arts & Wellbeing

The National Endowment for the Arts blog published a post in June pointing to important research exploring the impacts of arts participation on wellbeing.


Musicians who launch online stores can boost their audiences and incomes. And there's no better way to go retail than with Shopify.

Streaming Berlin

The Berlin Philharmonic's outstanding Digital Concert Hall enables us to enjoy great orchestral performances anytime.

4-Legged Auditions

When the Baltimore Symphony planned a performance of "A Midsummer Night's Dream," they needed a special sort of actor to take on a crucial role, as The Washington Post reports.

Eventbrite Upgrades

Ticketing concerts has never been easier thanks to new features at Eventbrite.

Get Started

If you've been putting off a creative project, my article "Getting Started" pinpoints 6 habits that halt procrastination.

Agents & Principles

When an agent represents a musician, the musician is known as the "principal." Learn more about the legal and ethical aspects of agent-musician relationships in a recent article on MusicalAmerica.com.

Better Blogging

Kevan Lee sums up data encompassing the elements of successful blog posts, via Buffer.

Powers of Two

In his newly published book Powers of Two, author Joshua Wolf Shenk delves into the dynamics of creative partnerships, highlighting duos such as Lennon and McCartney.

Royalties for Arrangers

If you make an arrangement of public domain music, are you entitled to royalties when the arrangement is performed? Find out on Artists House Music.

Skype for Beginners

Ever wanted to teach or take lessons via Skype but weren't sure how to begin? Mashable publishes a helpful article titled "The Beginner's Guide to Skype."

Subsidized Tickets

Conductor James Conlon posits that lower ticket prices and heftier sponsorships will draw crowds to hear live music. Musicians can discover funders in the article "Resources for Grantseekers" on The Musician's Way Blog. Also see "Boost Income and Impact with Local Sponsorships."

Conversion in a Box

Musicians do well to offer followers free downloads in exchange for subscribing to the likes of newsletters. ConversioninaBox.com simplifies doing so, and at no cost.

Magical Transitions

In a June piece on TheStrad.com, violist Kim Kashkashian shares inspiring words about musical development.

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  • Eventbrite Upgrades
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  • Agents & Principles
  • Better Blogging
  • Powers of Two
  • Royalties for Arrangers
  • Skype for Beginners
  • Subsidized Tickets
  • Conversion in a Box
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