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From The Musician's Way Blog

Small Steps, Big Results. 6 practice habits that support boundless artistic growth.
The Importance of Core Repertoire. Why building a large core repertoire elevates musicians' artistry and careers.
Self-Produce Concerts in 8 Steps. Put on your own concerts and take charge of your career!
Artistic Growth During Repetitive Practice. Infuse creativity into every practice session.

The Creative Power of Problems. "My biggest kick in music - playing or writing - is when I have a problem." -Duke Ellington

Vary Your Practice

Instead of rehashing the same practice routine, Johns Hopkins University Researchers confirm that altering our practice routines enables us to learn new skills more quickly. Find more practice tips among the many Practice Articles on The Musician's Way Blog.

Music for Babies

An article in the Seattle Times highlights research into how babies who participated in a music activity gained language abilities that a control group of babies did not.

Lasting Effects

It's not only babies who benefit from music. In a video on the New York Academy of Sciences website, Nina Kraus from Northwestern University discusses research showing the "lasting effects of musical experiences."

Commissioning Fees

Composers, performers, and funders have benefited for years from using Commissioning Music: A Basic Guide. The recently released interactive version on the New Music Box site, titled Commissioning Fees Calculator, offers fresh functionality.

Repeat Please

Repetition in music powerfully affects listeners, and Tom Service, writing in The Guardian, insightfully describes patterns of repetition in music as, “invitations for listeners to participate.”

Classical with Verve

Universal Music Group is moving its classical labels Decca Classics, Mercury Classics and ECM to its Verve imprint, which will be called the Verve Label Group.

Fair Play Fair Pay

Will performers finally receive royalties when their recordings receive airplay on US terrestrial radio? The Fair Play Fair Pay Act could make that happen.

Henle App

The esteemed music publisher Henle has released an app for iPad and will make a version available for Android in the near future.

Better Agreements

A recent article on the Law and Disorder Blog brings up matters of contracts and agreements that all performers do well to know.

Monkey Copyright

Musicians aren't the only ones wrestling with legal and intellectual property issues. Take monkeys, for instance: If a monkey grabs your camera and snaps a selfie that goes viral, does the monkey own the photo copyright? Read more on the NPR website.

Classical Future

An April article in the New York Times spotlights the work of composer-conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen and what it may foretell for the future of classical music.

Sing it Forward

A music entrepreneurship student at the University of Colorado launched an initiative named Sing it Forward that enables parents who regularly pay for their children's music lessons to contribute a bit more so that disadvantaged kids can also receive instruction.

Performance Visas

Foreign musicians seeking to perform in the US must have visas, regardless of whether they earn performance fees or volunteer; read more on MusicalAmerica.com. Abundant info for foreign artists is compiled at the Artists from Abroad site.

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  • Classical with Verve
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  • Better Agreements
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  • Classical Future
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