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3 Apps to Declutter for Work and Life

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In my quest to declutter, simplify and create efficiencies, I'm always on the lookout for apps that can clear my inbox and clear my mind to help me let go of what isn't important and focus on what is. Here are 5 apps for paring it all down and zeroing in on the good stuff.

1. Focus@will - Based on neuroscience research about attention and sound, this website and smartphone app will provide ambient music as you work, creating "music productivity sessions" for you. "Start the music player when you begin a task you need to focus on. The phase sequence of music played is designed to help get you in the zone, and then keep you in the zone for up to 100 mins." Pick from channels such as Classical, FocusSpa, Alpha Chill, and Ambient. Focus@will offers a 3 week free full access trial period for new users then subscriptions for $3.99/month (or $34.99 per year). Hat tip to Lena West for this one. Try Focus@will

2. Boomerang for Gmail - I use Boomerang to post-date an email, especially when I'm working on the weekends but don't want my emails to show up until Monday morning (not that I don't want others to see that I work on weekends, but I don't want them to feel compelled to respond then). Boomerang touts other ways to clear your Inbox including: Reminders to pay bills; emails sent to yourself to follow up on sales leads; Returning travel confirmation emails to yourself on the day of your trip. Instead of keeping those emails in your inbox as visual reminders, schedule to have them sent to yourself when you'll have more time to deal with them. [Also for Outlook and AndroidTry Boomerang for Gmail

3. Just Delete Me - A helpful directory that guides you to the web pages where you can delete your accounts from those services you no longer use. Includes sites from Digg to EBay to MySpace to Yahoo. It also rates how easy or difficult the deactivation process is for each service, taking you to the actual page where you can delete the account or walking you through the process. Unsubscribe from the services you don't need and clear the clutterCheck out Just Delete Me.

What apps are you using to declutter?
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