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Wendyl's Green Goddess Weekly Newsletter

It's Okay to be a Nana
March 24, 2011
At last, Peppermint Paste hits retail

We have finalised the packaging for the paste and re-orderd the labels and now it is ready to go out to shops. I'm still getting awesome feedback for this stuff see comments here.  It now goes up to its final price of $12.95. I was just cleaning my oven top this morning and like many others found myself getting distracted and cleaning benches, oven doors and having to tell myself to stop! 
It smells amazing because of the peppermint essential  oil, which has strong antiseptic properties and in aromatherapy is used to wake you up and clarify your thoughts, which is a great thing to have happen while you are cleaning the bath!
I use this paste for basins, sinks, stove tops and tiles and I'm astonished at how well it works. It is made out of nothing but baking soda, cream of tartar, castille soap and peppermint oil and if you want to give it an extra bleach hit you can stir in a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide 6% from your chemist. Instructions are on the label. . 
Click here to buy. 

You asked for it and we have made it happen. You can now buy all three of our popular laundry powders in 1 kg bags. Each bag costs just $23.95 - a saving of $2.85 if you were to buy two 500gms and there's enough in there to do 66 washes. And remember orders up to $50 only have a $6 courier fee. Click here to buy.

Thanks to everyone who has already bought my new book and kept it in the top 10 non-fiction bestsellers for weeks! I am so happy that this book is really hitting home with a lot of people and inspiring them to try some of the lifestyle changes and recipes.  We are now selling it on the website so click here to buy.
Get all three of my books for just $47.00

We now have Domestic Goddess on a Budget back in stock after a long wait and to celebrate we are offering all three of my books as a special offer. You can keep the ones you don't have and give away the ones you do as Christmas presents, or get the whole set for someone special, or perhaps just for you.
We only have limited stocks so these will sell out fast. Click here to buy.
My Products
Many people email me to find out more about my cleaning products. You can see them on my website but here's a brief description: Rose, Lavender and Patchouli Laundry Powder Concentrate
At last a laundry powder concentrate to compete with the commerical products. This is completely natural using nothing but castille soap (made from organic fair trade olive,coconut,hemp and jojoba oils), washing soda, baking soda and lavender, rose or patchouli essential oils.  Enough in one packet for 33 washes.500gms - $13.40 or now avaiable in 1 kg bags - $20.95.
Lavender Laundry Liquid
Featured in Sunday magazine's Going Up column because it doesn't leave white powder marks on black clothes, this is made out of all natural ingredients:  soap, washing soda, borax and award-winning, NZ-made essential lavender oil from Canterbury. Works in top and front loaders. 2 litres - $12.75
Spray Cleaner
Smells amazing and is made out of nothing but water, baking soda and my special mix of anti-bacterial, antiseptic and anti-viral essential oils. 500 ml  $9.00.
Glass Cleaner
ZB's Mike Hosking loves the stuff and you will too. Clean your mirrors and windows with nothing but the power of vinegar and water. Spray on and wipe off with newspaper for a sparkling, streak-free finish. 500 mls  $9.00
Anti-Bacterial Spray
Keep germs at bay this winter with the power of orange, lavender and eucalyptus essential oils just like Nana used to. Or use simply as a pleasant air freshener in any room. 250ml  $12,75
Blueing Powder
Get those sheets whiter than white, just like Nana used to, with this old-fashioned powder that is one of my most popular items.
500 ml - $13.75
*All my products come with the label printed on them so that you can refill yourself. We also offer big discounts when you buy sets of products.
My Books
The best-selling guide to making your own 100% natural cleaning and beauty products. Every home should have one. Now in its third reprint. Just $25 for a signed copy.
"In this raw, clever and funny memoir, Wendyl Nissen lifts the lid on the New Zealand magazine and TV industries, and lets us look into the life of a woman whose trademark no-nonsense approach has made her many friends - and enemies - along the way." Just $10 for a signed copy or buy both books for $30.
Click Wendyl's Green Goddess to buy any of my products. 
Now stocking Dr Bronner's liquid and bar soaps. 

If you're making up any of my recipes they all work best with these soaps which are from America and are certified Fair Trade and organic. They use biodegradable and vegetable based oils. I am stocking lavender, rose, tea tree, baby-mild and almond liquid castile soaps in 236ml bottles for $14.95 and rose, lavender, baby-mild and lemon bar soaps in 160gms for $9.99.
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Hens in trees,tooth powder update, mould preventer and my favourite blogs

I've had so many requests for a picture of my hens who sleep in the camellia tree that I ventured out on dusk and caught them settling in. Paul had been sitting out on the deck reading and said for a full half hour they were clucking and muttering away to themselves as they arranged their sleeping positions for the night. Honky is always highest up, she's the one with her bum to the camera and then Mummy, the white hen, is always next to her, and the others just fit in where they can. I'm expecting some fairly amazing camellias this season after being fed on all the chook manure.
Figs, Feijoas and Jam
I have a tree laden with figs and my local park has a bush laden with feijoas, so I'm going to attempt a jam this week to use them all up. My mother-in-law swears by a bit of preserved ginger in fig jam so I'll be throwing some of that in too, but any suggestions you have will be most welcome. I was hoping to have it made by the newsletter to share the recipe with you but I have launched myself back on the lunch circuit, as I was feeling like a bit of a recluse, and can't believe how much time lunches take up in the day of a Green Goddess!
Stop and Think
If you're anything like me you spend some time in your life feeling guilty about how good you have it while others don't. I found this video very inspirational and I hope you do too.
Fly Killer
I filled in for Kerre Woodham for the last hour of her radio show last week and had some great calls. Again more fly repellent suggestions which focus on vinegar. A lovely woman who said she was nearly 90 told me as a child they had saucers of malt vinegar mixed with water all over the house. The flies apparently fly into it and die. I've tried boiling vinegar and water on the stove which someone suggested but it didn't do much good, so this weekend I'll be getting out the saucers and the malt. 
Mould Preventer
On the show I gave out a recipe which I swear by for preventing mould growing in damp places like the bathroom. I sprayed this on my bathroom walls six months ago and nomould or mildew has grown back. I'm about to do another spray before winter sets in and I suggest you do too. You have to make sure your walls are clean first, so give them a wipe down with a mixture of half a bucket of warm water and a cup of baking soda.
2 cups warm water
20 drops lavender essential oil
20 drops lemon essential oil
20 drops tea-tree essential oil
Mix together in a spray bottle and spray liberally over your walls. You want them to be really wet. Leave to dry (open doors and windows to do this) and don't wipe off. The properties of these essential oils work to kill the spores of any mould that might be sitting there. 
Tooth Powder Update
I know a lot of you use my tooth powder because you are kind enough to email me and tell me how much you love it. I use it day and night and will never go back to commercial toothpaste because I am very suspicious about what they put in it (they do not have to list ingredients). But I did use it on our recent trip to France because I didn't fancy answering questions at Customs about my little pot of white powder.
Recently I've been adding a few drops each of myrrh and clove essential oils. Clove has long been known to help toothache but in India they use it for its great antiseptic qualities. It is also great for bad breath. But do only use a drop or two as it is quite strong. Myrrh has anti-inflammatory and astringent qualities which are good for gum health.  Both of these taste foul so just two drops each is plenty and the addition of peppermint oil helps keep your mouth tasting fresh.
4Tbs baking soda
1/4 tsp stevia powder
8 drops peppermint essential oil
2 drops myrrh esssential oil
2 drops clove essential oil
 Shake together in a jar and use a damp toothbrush to dab into powder and use as you would a toothpaste.
My favourite bloggers
I've heard from a few lovely women who write blogs recently who have been trying out my recipes and presenting them in such a lovely way. When I started  writing A Home Companion and before that making my own products, my dream was that a movement would be started where women (and men) would reject the chemicals which were in their lives and return to the older, healthier ways. These women prove to me that it has started. Well done and I hope you all enjoy reading and following them.
Mousehouse by Megan
Sweetnektar by Stephanie

Welcome to our new retailers
A big welcome to new Bin Inn stockists in Orewa and Whakatane, addresses below. If you're local or passing through, pop in and introduce yourself to Adrian and Gay in Orewa or Isobel in Whakatane. As well as our range, they also stock ingredients for making your own.

Website Help
I've added a search engine to the website to make it easier for you to navigate around it when you are looking for recipes - and I can hear you all saying "about time too!" I've also put in a Shopping Step by Step instructions page to help some of you who find internet shopping a bit daunting. Hopefully this page will help you get through the process easily. 
As this newsletter heads off to more than 6000 members some of you are needing to change your email address. I can't do it as they aren't listed alphabetically but you can by scrolling down to the bottom of this newsletter and clicking on the "update your subscription preferences" link. This will take you to a box where you can put in your new email address.

Wendyl's Green Goddess products are available in the following retail stores:

Smith and Caughey's, Queen St, Auckland.
Wise Cicada, 23 Crowhurst St, Newmarket.
The Garden Party, 71 Ponsonby Rd, Ponsonby.
All Good Food, 181 Pt Chev Rd, Pt Chev.
IE Produce, 1 Barrys Point Rd, Takapuna. Click here to go to their website page.
Tully & Gardener, 139 Richmond Rd, Grey Lynn
Naturally Organic, 215/9 Rosedale Rd, Albany. Click here to go to their website page.
Unichem Eastridge Pharmacy, 215 Kepa Rd, Mission Bay.
Bulk Food Savings, 3-217 Dominion Rd, Mt Eden
Bin Inn Orewa, 327 Hibiscus Coast Highway.
Rest of North Island
Putiputi Ra, 79 Walton St, Whangarei.
Sunshine Organics, 141 Hurndall St, Maungaturoto.
Garden Depot, 84 Thornton Rd, Whakatane, open 7 days. 
Bin Inn Whakatane, 22 Richardson St, Whakatane
Simplifoods, 237 Maunganui Rd, Mt Maunganui
Bin Inn St Andrews, 21 Braid Rd, Hamilton.
The Herb Farm, Grove Rd, R.D, 10, Palmerston North. 
Vitality Foods, 67 Gladstone Rd, Gisborne 
Commonsense Organics, 260 Wakefield St, Wellington
South Island
Bin Inn, New Brighton, 68 Hawke St, New Brighton, Christchurch.
SimpliFood, Blenheim, 32 Maxwell RD, Blenheim.
If you'd like to stock us, or think a shop near you should, please email us at

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