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Upward Bound

If you are like most people who work with college students, your fall semester has already had a few “ups” and “downs.”  Probably, a couple of the students you hoped would provide leadership in the BSM did not return to campus this semester.  And even if you have had a good start, there are things which could be going better.  So here are Six Suggestions you may pass along to your students in helping them to keep a positive attitude about what God can do with a few available bodies.
1. Cheer up!
As important as a start may be in winning a race, in order to have a successful fall, the way you finish the semester is much more important!  Even if things did not go well last week, you still have only begun the semester; and a little more attention to detail, concentration on investing in teachable students, and consistency will reap rich dividends.  Do you remember the story of the tortoise and the hare?  “Slow and steady wins the race!”
2. Look up! 
Someone once said, “Two men looked through the selfsame bars, and one saw mud and one saw stars!” If you look down and around, you can see a lot of “mud” even when it has not recently rained.  If you look up and listen to God, you may very well hear, “The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas!”  To “Look Up!” is to refocus on God’s strength and how He delights to show his grace and power in the midst of human weakness (2 Cor. 12:9).  So every time your spirit turns “down,” look up.
3. Show up!  
Woody Allen said, “90% of success is just showing up!”  Even if Allen’s quotation is an exaggeration, it contains an important truth: Being dependable, prompt and consistent, in our day, is unusual. You move into the upper echelons of success if you show up on time, every time.  And the possibility of success continues to improve if you show up prepared.  And if you really want to increase the odds of being successful, show with something extra such as a grateful heart, positive attitude, and a contribution to others.
4. Grow up! 
Are you facing challenge, disappointment, and adversity from a Biblical perspective?  Do you remember James 1: 2-5, believing that “various trials” can be God’s refining process by which you gain patience and refinement?  And in the midst of a difficult day are you asking Him to provide the wisdom you lack?  And of course you remember that you can never “grow up” without the right kind of food (1 Pet. 2:2).
5. Speak up! 
Even if you are as insecure as Moses was when he faced the challenge of being a leader, you will need to help cast the vision and help students and church leaders to join in a mission with tremendous possibilities.  In the area where you live, is there a richer field of human potential than the college campus?  Is there any place other than our campuses where young adults are suddenly on their own, making decisions with minimal supervision and long-term impact? 
6. Build up! 
Young disciplesand students in general, may be more fragile than you realize, needing someone to believe in them.  Very few people become successful in their Christian walk without having a mentor, example, encourager along the way.  We may never have had the Gospel of Mark or writings of Paul, if those men had not benefited from the support of Barnabas, “Son of Encouragement.”
With an “Upward Focus,” choose one of the six challenges above for each day of this next week.

Two Dates

1. “See You at the Pole” is Wednesday, September 23, 2015 is a student led, global emphasis on changing the world through prayer and obedience.     
2. Engage24 is 10/15/15. It's a 24 hour period on Oct. 15 when college students nation-wide will make a coordinated effort to engage their campuses with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Helpful suggestions and ideas are found at and  Every BSM director in Texas is encouraged to help students prepare and participate in this event.

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