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“MUSIC to God's Ears

Just in case you missed last month’s KeySources Newsletter, may I remind you that the M.U.S.I.C. God loves is also that which will transform a BSM or church, namely Mission, Unity, Spirit-led and Scripture-informed student ministry, Investments from those involved include time, talent and treasure, and Communication which edifies others and honors God.
"M” stands for Mission! 
One way of stating the Mission of BSM is: “Engaging Texas College Students to Follow Christ and Transform the World.” Inherent in this vision is the Great Commission (Matt. 28: 18-20) which emphasizes the necessity of developing “Apprentices” or Christ followers who become proficient in all that Jesus taught.  No small task!  Do you have a strategy for working with students one-on-one or in a small group?  Can you identify apprentices who are willing to learn and grow?

“U” stands for Unity!
On the authority of Jesus, unity among Christ’s apprentices is so important as to rival love as the distinctive characteristic of Christian Fellowship.  In the great High Priestly Prayer of John 17, Jesus asked the Father to bring his apprentices to “complete unity.” He further states, “Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.”

So what would reinforce or promote Unity in your fellowship?
  • A clearly focused Mission or Vision is a key factor.  Have you asked your students about their Vision for BSM?  Ask your most involved students to tell you what they feel is the purpose of BSM on your campus. And then explore how BSM is known by students at large on your campus?  If it is identified with a free meal, that means the vision is not being communicated.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have BSM identified as students who love Christ and are some of the best students and most caring people on campus - students who add value to the college or university.
  • Making a difference as a group.  One of the values of a local mission project or trip is getting students to participate in service to others, to sacrifice time and energy in the name of Christ, and to get to know each other and build community which reflects vulnerability and trust. On a drive home from a mission trip, a student asked me, “Why did we see God clearly at work in such obvious ways this week, but do not see the same evidence of God working on our campus?” My response was something like this: “Does God have your attention back at campus in the same way that our team was focused on Him and ministering to others this week?” The student who had asked the question knew that the demands of busy schedules and procrastination had often left God on the “sideline” when work, academic responsibilities, and family priorities took first place. You still have time to do a work project through the Association or an area church during your spring break. Is there a home or building which a work project could help restore and at the same time make a difference and build unity? 
  • Celebrating “small” victories! How can you encourage students to share with others who may come to your meetings the ways that they see God at work?  The saying, “What gets recognized, gets done” underscores the need to promote where students see God working in contacts being made, conversations, in planting seeds of truth and Gospel, cultivating, and harvesting. Students need to remember that sharing the Gospel is a team effort and every member of Christ’s Body can play a role, such as handing out water at intramurals, helping with an outreach and sitting behind a table on campus, sharing a Scripture, offering to pray with someone, even by taking out trash in a dorm.

Do you remember the surprise of those who were applauded by Jesus for ministering to him in Matt. 25: 35-40? To their delight and amazement, Jesus said that every time they offered a cup of water in His name they were doing it to Him. Sometimes little things make a big difference.


The BSM at UT Arlington has a great website with lots of resources to help with campus ministry. One tool is this PDF. It uses SALT as an acronym for sharing the Gospel. Also, check out this PDF for information on a “Connecting Meeting”. 
The BSM Staff Website is full of resource ideas, Bible Studies, up-coming events, and other material.
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