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2022 General Election

Porter County Democratic Wins

Frank Mrvan
U.S. Congressman, District 1

Rodney Pol, Jr. 
State Senator, District 4

Chuck Moseley
State Representative, District 10

Pat Boy
State Representative, District 9

Jessica Bailey
Porter County Clerk


Jeremy Rivas
Porter County Council, District 2

Greg Simms
Porter County Council, District 3



Brendan Clancy
Portage Township Trustee

Jesse Harper
Center Township Trustee

Candidates: Thank you!
It takes a great deal of courage, time and resources to throw your hat in the ring and to run for public office. To our incredible slate of candidates who ran for office, but did not win, we say Thank YOU! Thank YOU for your example and willingness to serve. Thank YOU for your tireless efforts to engage our community. Thank YOU for working to bring the people of Porter County together for our common good, rather than to divide for political gain. Thank YOU for your transparency and accountability as you ran professional and positive campaigns that inspired so many to engage in the political process to help make a positive difference in our communities. YOU are the best of Porter County and we are grateful for your willingness to run for office. We look forward to your continued leadership in Porter County, as we work together to advance the values and initiatives that we hold so dear to make a real difference in our everyday lives. 
Porter County Democrats
County Chapters and Volunteers:

Thank YOU!
The future of the Porter County Democrats is bright because of YOU and your hard work to organize. With every election cycle, our outreach and organization thoughout the county grows. The key to successful voter outreach is a grassroots organization that speaks to the issues that matter to voters on a local level.  Our Democratic presence in our communities is growing because of the active engagment and organization of the Valparaiso Democratic Committee, the Duneland Democratic Committee, the Portage Democrats and the South County Democrats.

Thank YOU for the many hours you dedicated to this election. Thank you for the phone calls, text banking, delivering yard signs, attending candidate events, supporting campaigns with your time, presence, donations, marching in parades, building floats, donating food and supplies, stuffing envelopes, writing postcards, canvassing door to door, liking and sharing social media posts, registering people to vote, data entry, hosting and attending events, representing our local Democrats at community events, and for working so hard to make a positive difference in our communities. 

Now is the time to consider what worked well, where we were successful and where we have room to improve. Your hard work, continued engagement and efforts to grow our local Democratic outreach will continue to show results, giving our countywide Democrats a greater chance for success as we enter the 2023 municipal elections and look forward to the 2024 general election. Always forward. 
Porter County Democrats
Porter County Democrats
Dear fellow Porter County Democrats,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you all for your guidance, help and tenacity!  While it was indeed a tough election cycle I am very proud of all the hard work put in by all our candidates and all the Porter County Precinct Chairs that were active. Make no mistake you made a huge impact on the Mrvan, Pol, and Moseley races. With that being said it was a disappointing year for our countywide candidates, and what makes it more difficult is the fact that we had an all-star cast of super qualified candidates that really worked hard.  Although we did not come out on top in those races none of the success we achieved with our state and federal races would have happened without all of you working together. We have nowhere to go but up! 

Again, thank you for all your support! 

~Brendan Clancy
Chair, Porter County Democrats
Porter County


December 15: Valparaiso
American Legion, 7pm
4 Monroe Street

January 19 : Portage
American Legion, 7pm
5675 Mulbery Ave.

If meetings go virtual check for Zoom link
Porter County


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Valparaiso Democratic Committee

         Leadership in Action 

Welcome to 2023!  For the VDC, the time is now.  As we were all disappointed with the County and Statewide elections where we witnessed better candidates not getting to serve their constituents, we look to build upon what happened in Center Township.

Something special happened in Center Township that led to the re-elections of Greg Simms on the County Council, Jesse Harper as Center Township Trustee, and Deb Fray to the Center Township Board while being joined by Beth Gingerich.  Thanks to the many readers of Blue Beacon, the volunteers for these campaigns and the candidates themselves, they were able to win.

Recent Census data shows that Valparaiso is 51/49 Democrat/Republican.  We are a blue city.  It will be up to the VDC and the 2023 municipal candidates to make it so.  We have our open candidate night upcoming on December 5th, 6-8pm at the Pour House in downtown Valparaiso.  This is an open event with a particular focus on education, recruitment and rapport building for the Valparaiso Democratic Community.  Food and Drinks will be provided while Mike Mirochna and Kathy Watts share what the VDC will do for the candidates and what we want to see from our candidates in 2023. Also speaking will be Beth Gingerich, Jesse Harper, Diana Reed and Bob Cotton about campaigning and public office.  

As just about everyone knows by now, the Republicans in Valparaiso are panicked.  Jesse won convincingly against the partially famous 1990's basketball player who ran on lies. The local GOP just realized what we've known since Matt Murphy took office.  Matt was never going to have a second term in Valparaiso and Republican policies are not even popular with their own party.  2023 will be about the dynamic direction our Democratic Candidates will lead this city.  We will show a better path for an inclusive Valparaiso that puts public safety, education, infrastructure, small businesses, and local workers #1 without handing out our tax dollars to pad corporate bottom lines.  We all do better when we all do better.
In order to continue the work the VDC has done in 2023, we will need the continued support of our volunteers, our donors, and precinct chairs.  We will get this done together as a team, post card writing, registering voters, attending events, fundraising and getting our candidates names out front and center.  If you are reading this email, I challenge you to get involved.  Do something in and out of your comfort zone!

As we grew the brand of the VDC in 2022 with many sponsorships of Valparaiso Events programs like the Summer Concert Series and the Popcorn Fest Parade, we broke the machine.  In 2023 Valpo Events will no longer accept political sponsorships!  Have no fear, we have plans for many events to unite our City under Democratic Leadership!

Our next meeting will be December 19th, 7pm, VDC office 161 Lincolnway and via Zoom.  We need all hands on deck so we can plant our Flag in City Hall in 2023 with a Democratic Mayor, staff and City Council! 

If you want to join us, become a member on our Facebook page, email us at and donate to the cause at

Michael F. Mirochna, Chair
Kathy DeWitt, Vice-Chair
Kathy Watts, Secretary
Niru Deveraj, Treasurer

In The News


December 5th: 6-8pm
2023 Candidate Night
Location: Pour House
54 W. Lincolnway, Valpo

December 19th, 7:00pm
Monthly Meeting
Location: VDC Office and Zoom
161 Lincolnway

Above Tea and Spice Exchange

Email to receive a Zoom link for meetings.

Click below to make a donation.

Valparaiso Democratic Committee



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Editors of The Blue Beacon, December 2022:
Bob DeRuntz and Rebecca Tomerlin
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