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Introducing Bookable Schedule by Boomerang 


We’re excited to let you know about our latest addition to Boomerang for Gmail. It will transform the way you schedule meetings from now on.

With Bookable Schedule, you set up a schedule of available times once and share as often as you want. And it takes only a few minutes to set up. This works great for things like new client intros, interviews, sales calls, podcast guests, customer demos, and more.
Give Bookable Schedule a try!

*This button will take you to re-install Boomerang for Gmail if you need to do that first.

Once your schedule is ready, all it takes is two clicks to insert into your email. Bookable Schedule supports multiple calendars, automatically integrates with Zoom and Google Meet, displays dual time zones, and more. Here is a preview of how you’d schedule each new meeting.

Best of all, the people you invite simply click on a time in your always up to date Magic Live Calendar right in their email. They can even overlay their calendar over the Magic Live calendar in the email - no browser tab switching! This is what your guest will see. 

We think you’re going to love how Bookable Schedule simplifies meeting scheduling both for you and your guests. If you still have some questions, you can find the answers here

Productively yours,
The Boomerang Team

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