This January marked our three year anniversary here in the Springs!
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10 Mar 2016

Time flies, when you're having fun!

Sound familiar? That's what we were thinking this last January which was the three-year mark that we have been here in Colorado! The time is flying by and we can thankfully say that we are still enjoying ourselves here.

The fact that our guest room is booked for 8 weeks this coming Spring and Summer is probably due at least partially to the fact that we live in such a beautiful, adventurous place. I'm sure our guests are coming to visit us and bring us some Dutch goodies, too!

Missionary Care Foundations Course

This last January Jolanda had a particularly instructive time during the Missionary Care Foundations Course in Chico, CA. This course is registered in the University of the Nations under the College of Counseling and Healthcare. It was great to do this missionary care course together with 38 other colleagues.
Jolanda writes: What personally stood out for me was the teaching on "cross-cultural conflict". Especially because we work in an international team with 16 people and 7 different nationalities! It helped me to get a better understanding of our Y360 "team culture"... we each bring our own diversity of backgrounds and cultures into the team.
Clashes between people can happen at any time and within any healthy team and that's why it's so good to have gotten some new "tools" to help people work through this. It will also help me in talks with people who are "clashing" into issues in the country/culture in which they are ministering. Adjustments, culture shock, homesickness, feeling misunderstood, difficulties with the language... these are all good things to talk through with missionaries so that they can have resilience in order to be able to continue their work or ministry.
Something else that came out of the course in California is a new initiative here in Colorado. There were six of us from four different Colorado YWAM locations attending the course. Together, we formed the "Colorado Member Care Team". In February, we had our fist meeting together to make plans and to network. It's good to be able to work together with other colleagues in the same ministry, to offer advice, training and provide help to the missionaries on the field and here in Colorado. Our next networking day is planned for April.
Colorado MC Team together with our International MC leader

Business as Mission

My (Rodney's) new part-time job by a local web design agency here in Colorado Springs is going well. Even though we are (mostly) working on commercial projects, the team feels like a regular "YWAM Team".

Besides the "business" side of the agency, we are also involved in "missions". At the moment we are working on a website for a YWAM project that has the potential to recruit thousands of new and returning missionaries. Unfortunately, at the moment, I can't tell you more about it or let you see the site yet, but as soon as it is finished, I will present it to you with pride.

Y360 happenings!

Our team member Larry was recently in Ethiopia and Nigeria. Larry (electrical engineer) was teaching electronics in a program intended to train biomedical engineers how to better repair and maintain hospital equipment vital to lives of the patients. This picture is of his class in Lagos Nigeria. It is the 3rd time Larry has taught in Lagos.
The Y360 video team has been filming our latest project which is a mini docudrama called Skip's Story. This video is part of a series of videos with testimonies about how Jesus can turn people's lives around.
Our Mexican staff Rosa was in Colombia for three weeks. She helped set up an English as a Second Language School (ESL) and taught in a Discipleship Training School (DTS). Rosa is back in Colorado Springs and has plans to set up an ESL program for immigrants and refugees here in town.
Thanks again for partnering with us by reading our updates, praying for us and by your donations!

We appreciate YOU!

Rodney, Jolanda, Lisa and Sarah
We had our first, major snowstorm, the biggest one in years and all Colorado Springs literally ground to a halt. Roads and businesses were closed and the girls had three snow days in a row!
Lisa walks home everyday from her middle school. This time Sarah went along to help pick her up form school.
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