This is our fourth Summer in the US!
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09 Aug 2016

What a Summer!

This is our fourth Summer here in Colorado Springs and the greenest Summer yet. The grass is all a bit greener and more and more plants and flowers are springing up in our yard. The temperatures are warm during the day, but thankfully most evenings it cools off quite a bit.
The girls' summer vacation is coming to a close, but it started with the arrival of "Opa" (Grandpa) from the Netherlands. At the end of his stay, we went to Grandpa and Grandma in Arizona with him. After a great time and lot of fun with "Opa", we still had a week of vacation with Rodney's parents! We were only away for 2-1/2 weeks and six of those days were spent in the car. Lots of driving, but it was worth it.

Business IS Missions!

Business as mission is demonstrating what the Kingdom of God is like in the context of business – and as we do so, engaging with the world’s more pressing social, economic, environmental and spiritual issues. It's one answer to the prayer "May Your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven" as people and communities are positively transformed through for-profit business activities.

It is doing business in a Kingdom way with a focus on holistic transformation with keywords such as justice, dignity and wholeness. Good relationships are central, and the Gospel is both a guide and our message, in word and deed.
I (Rodney) and the team I work with are privileged to be a small part of "Business as Missions" bringing hope and a Kingdom perspective in the world, in developing countries, or closer to home.

Myanmar and Ghana @ Y360

As a facilities manager at Y360 Jolanda comes in contact with people outside of YWAM who want to rent our location for seminars, meetings or for church services on Sunday. At the present, there are two churches that use our location every Sunday morning and Sunday evening for their services. We have a great group from Myanmar, formerly Burma .... and a true African church from Ghana. To get to know each other better, we organized a meal together at our YWAM location with the two churches and enjoyed the different cultures, foods, languages, and each other and Jesus was central.

One Life Stories

Within our YWAM team, there are several projects going with which we help out as needed. For example, the Media team has been working on different video series, and we assist with practical help or sometimes even playing bit parts during the shooting.

The media team has started a new TV series called "One Life Stories". So far, they have produced six short episodes aimed at inspiring young people to think and to give them hope. One of the episodes is about our fellow staff member, Skip and how he found meaning for his life in his personal relationship with Jesus.
Click on the picture above to watch Skip's story. It is part of the TV series "One Life Stories".
They have a website where all the episodes can be seen: Several foreign broadcasters have picked up the series, including one in Finland and TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) in Africa:

The YWAM family is coming together

We as a family are looking forward to an International YWAM conference called "Together" which will be held in Kansas City, Missouri, the first week of September. It will be all about networking and listening to what God has in store for us and for YWAM globally! Several Member Care sessions have also been planned throughout the week. It also sounds like Business as Mission will get a lot of attention that week as well.
And thanks again for partnering with us by reading our updates, praying for us and by your donations!

Rodney, Jolanda, Lisa and Sarah
The first Sunday of the month, we come together with several families that form the meal group from our local church.
During the Summer break, the girls go right along with us to YWAM Y360.
Lisa was into volleyball this last school year. She did a good job with her Holmes Middle School team.
Sarah, along with quite a few other kids school her school gave several recorder concerts. See if you can find her (hint: far right).
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Partner with us

As volunteers working with Youth With A Mission, we do not receive a salary, but rather depend upon support from God and His people, i.e., family, friends and churches.

If you would like to support us and our ministry, here is how you can do that.

By check in the US, make check payable to:
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