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As you may have noticed, the newsletter is a little late this week, but that's the perils of having a small number of people doing a shit load of peoples' jobs!
Some of the stuff that has taken the majority of our attention lately is preparing for the Thai Toy Expo, SDCC, and the Finale; the show at 3331 Arts Centre in Tokyo, from display to exhibition items, really takes a shit load of planning and makes for many logistical nightmares! 
Finalizing our first DC 12” figure BATMAN has consumed much of the last week, one notion I have when doing them is how well the Marvel and DC sit together thematically, I guess that's no surprise when I’m designing them (as in they have a similar feel), but it does let me daydream of stories that see both of their worlds smash together! Speaking of Marvel, we will be offering Ultron mid April, so expect some teasers soon, kinda lucky that it is ready just before the film, go figure. My design relies on the classic comic version, more Buscema than modern. 
As I think I mentioned the Thai Toy Expo see’s the premiere of the first 24” Pascha figures, I see them as an alpha version as we will continue to tweak and change as we go, at this size so much is possible, from clothing to molding we are not looking to be locked in. For the types who like info, the two Pascha figures are Miyu and Liz Vampire Hunter! We will continue this vampire hunt theme for 24” Pascha  through out the shows!
Next week heralds the second toy release by our own Crystal-Jade Vaughan, the much loved here at 3A “MILKY BOT” the details for this release can be found in this very newsletter!
Speaking of releases Bambi from the World of Isobelle Pascha goes on sale tomorrow, it also sees the first GALA MILK release! We will have more info on Gala Milk soon!
Gotta get back to it, so much to do, so little time as they say.


March 27th at Bambaland

Beaver Industries is a futuristic Lumberjack World. Perching on the gritty unflinching shoulders of our heroine Sawyer, as she introduces us to her work colleagues, grueling tasks, and daily routine in a brand new universe laden with corrupt corporate bastards, pissed-off-underpaid Lumberfolk, and the darn strange...!

Our first release is MILKY, an old industrial Dairy Bot. Sawyer and Milky fuel all the other robots with milk. Together they are...SAWYER MILK!

It's unknown where the milk has been obtained...but Milky and Sawyer know!

One Sixth Scale Collectible Figure designed by Crystal-Jade Vaughan
  • Deluxe Robot Collectible
  • Approximately 13.5inches (34.29cm) tall
  • Features over 30 points of articulation including articulated fingers
  • Accessories include: Mi-K Gun, Calcium chemistry jars, MilkTank
  • x 1 collector display stand

$340 USD
Price includes Free Worldwide Shipping!




3A will be attending and showcasing at the THAILAND TOY EXPO 2015
The Biggest High-End Collectible Toys Event in Thailand!
  • April 30th -  May 3rd, 2015 at Central World Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Ashley Wood, Kim, and the 3A crew will be in attendance at the show. Drop by and meet up!
  • 10am - 3pm, Free Entrance.

July 9th - 12th San Diego, California
3A will be in full force and showcasing with IDW Publishing at the largest pop culture convention in the world!
More details coming soon.


September 19th - 27th
3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan

The Big One! 3A are taking over the entire 3331 Arts Chiyoda Tokyo Center!


3A | Legion Spotlight
Danny aka Expathos
Little Rock, Arkansas

How did you discover 3A?
I had run across Ash's website (the then" bambablog") surfing the net. I quickly became a fan of the art he'd post. So I'd check in from time to time, admire and curse him for his talent. I'd also check out the Toysrevil site, and one day he posted a photo/advert of Deep Powder Bramble, lo and behold they were created by Ashley Wood (and Kim Fung Wong. The realities of the who of 3A would come much later). The hook was set.

What was your first 3A figure?
DEEP POWDER BRAMBLE! In my excitement and wonder I broke him not 6 minutes out of the box. 3A sent me a replacement arm, and I sort of rigged him back into working order. I apparently thought these guys were put together by magic, and didn't realize a little hot air/water goes a long way towards fixing a problem. He's still hanging around.

Favorite 3A item in your collection?
That's a pretty tough one actually. There are quite a few of these little dudes that still keep me smiling, but if I had to whittle it down; TK Kenshiro has been one of my favorites, off color face and all. He's a little wobbly after all these years, but he's still standing. Lately the Strigoi has had his eye on Kenshiro.

What would you like to see made or are looking forward to?
I'm looking forward to some of the more inventive AK characters. I really liked Handsome Wu and F-Legion. AK needs its modulok! What I'd really like to see is the character on the cover of the initial paperback of "Fuck It". He's pretty damn cool. OR! a proper 1/6 Hemingway (Automated Keats! Because he's got the mustache). There are quite a number of figures that I'd like to see made actually; Let the years be fruitful!

What is your 3A grail?
I'm gonna say that the 1:1 square is probably it. I know they lean more towards art piece than figure, but man c'mon, 3A produced. THEY COUNT!

Where can we find you online?

3A | Q+A

With Ashley Wood

Q: Congrats on getting Star Wars! What are you most looking forward to putting your spin on? Does this mean we'll finally see those 1/12th Stormies?
Ash: I'm kinda excited about making a heavy blaster rogue Jawa, but actually I’m kinda excited by it all! Of course the Stormy, Vader, the Bounty Hunters, more obscure stuff too… I'm very fortunate to have this opportunity!

Q: What's next for WBR? Will Saturn have a new headsculpt? Needs me some more two foot spring loaded bots!  
Ash: Saturn is more than just a head! You will see soon, WBR is a fun line, and hopefully I can continue to make a collection that rivals the Shogun Warriors of old!
Q: I've always wondered how long does it actually take to develop a toy from initial design, to prototype, to tooling, to the image is up on the blog? 
Ash: It has taken anything from weeks to years, many things affect it, from my mood to technical or just lack of man hours. It's a funny ol' thing toy design and production, no real way to know, just jump and in see what happens!
Q: Any chance of making a little figure of the boy and his buddy bot from the current ZvR series? 
Ash: I would like to! Not long til a new Warbot!

Q: Anything you're reading right now you'd recommend? 
Ash: Anything by Robert A. Heinlein, Story of O, and early occult investigation books by Andrew Collins. Oh and also a cool book on Australian Poltergeist’s called funnily enough Australian Poltergeist…


Stay tuned for more from 3A next week!
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