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A Bag of Bones

The last deal we ran with the bag was very successful - so much so in fact, we've decided to do it all over again!

If you missed the chance last time round, this offer gives you the option to once again pick up a free Elven troop box of your choice with any purchase of the Mantic Messenger Bag.

Not only that but this offer now includes the option to advance order a Skeleton Troop or Skeleton Command troop boxes with the bag, giving you no excuse not to pre-order these forthcoming sets.

For your chance to grab yourself a Messenger Bag with a choice of free Elf or Undead troop box, click here.

If this wasn't enough, we are now also offering an advance order on a Messenger Bag with the skeleton regiment and the current skeleton regiment deal - what better way is there to store those 60 skeletons?

The bag is the ideal way to store and transport your armies around, and the skeleton regiment deal gives you a shed load of skeletons, at a price you've come to expect from Mantic.

The Undead advance order ends on the 15th January, so click here now to pre-order yours!

Collector's Range

The Collector's Range is proving to be mighty popular and the number of Limited Edition figures is dwindling rather rapidly!

For those of you who have missed it, we have made available a 90mm, high quality resin Elf and Skeleton figure, each a unique model from the Mantic plastic range, and with an individual base (60mm x 60mm), available anyone heroic enough can rank up full unit! We have also added the bow to the Elf miniature and this means you can specify whether you want him to come armed with the bow or spear option (you can even order both, should you want a choice).

Each model comes with its own unique numbered certificate of authenticity, signed by the sculptor, and is despatched in its own Mantic storage/carry case.

Globally we will only ever produce 75 of each, and they are selling faster than we anticipated, please do order quickly to avoid disappointment.

We will be making other models in this range available in the future, so if you want to collect the set please† use the 'contact us' when you order and we will add you to the 'reserved list' for future releases.

Final Sign-off

Just to finish off before the big day hits, all of us at Mantic would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a massive thank you to all of you who have supported Mantic this year. We hope you have a great day and we are very excited by all that is happening in 2010 and we hope to see you at a show or an event! Best wishes.

Mantic needs you!

Skilled with a paintbrush? Then Mantic wants you!

We are looking for some great painters to show off truly how great our figures look. We need top quality paint jobs to photograph and use on our website, blog and for any event shows we attend. This would work alongside the painters we already have, and gives painters looking to expand their portfolio, break into the industry or simply paint some fantastic figures or units for cash or Mantic credit!

If you are interested in painting for Mantic then please submit your contact details and a few photos of your previous work to

Speaking of painting...

The Galleries

The Galleries is the place where you can get your models shown off on our website. If you've purchased any Mantic figures and have painted them up, then we want to see!

Furthermore, if you have written any Mantic themed fan-fiction, or have drawn any fan-art, then please submit this to us, we'd love to display it on the website.

Follow this link for details on submission, and here to see the latest installment of pet wars as painted by Emac!

Downloadable Sleeves

We have made some special Elven sleeves for you, so that you can easily find what you have on the shelf. All you need to do is download, print and cut out and you are ready to go. Click here to read more about the sleeves.

Keep an eye out for more to come about this innovative way of personalizing your own carrier cases, and a 'Design your own' sleeve competition which will see the best cover go into print!

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