<< contemplating April's full moon >>

“I sense my inner spaciousness."

Dear Circle,

There is nothing more important for us to do now than to cultivate our own presence, inner stillness and sense of spaciousness. We can tap into this deep well of silence & sustenance in many ways, such as through meditation, conscious breathing, taking in the beauty of nature, and being aware of our own thoughts.

When we stay in this state of spaciousness, all is well. We do not dwell on the troubles of the past or the uncertainties of the future. Staying in this moment moves us away from the mind’s compulsive thinking, controlling and desiring — into a sweeter, deeper place of being.

The invisible world of spaciousness from which all things originate calls to us now. In it you are blessed; in it you bless the whole world.

Be still and feel your own spaciousness within.

With full moon blessings,


There is no reality, no perception, no form without the space that holds and permeates it all. Space is not a lack of anything; on the contrary, it is the embracer of All.

Space is infinite.
Space is timeless.

Space is pure Presence.

One may consider space to be separate from oneself, however every physical form is infused with space. All forms originate from its endless, invisible existence. All forms return to space. All spirits abide in spaciousness.

Humans tend to view space as emptiness, or as secondary to the physical form. But there is no form without space. The world of form is captivating; spaciousness is liberating.

Spaciousness is still.
Spaciousness is expansive.

Spaciousness is pure Presence.

When a sense of spaciousness arises in oneself it is the beginning of true freedom. Creativity, wisdom and pure essence emanate from this place. From here all things exist, all forms are held, and all things are possible.

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“I sense my inner spaciousness."

The moon is full on April 16th at 2:57pm EDT
Find your local time here.

As always, the herbs listed here are a starting point and suggestion.
Use other plants that call to you if you don’t have these.
Remember that the most important part is to connect with the intention.

(Betula spp.)
~ to gently allow presence ~

(Foeniculum vulgare)
~ to quiet the mind's interference  ~

(Sambucus canadensis)
~ to cultivate expansiveness  ~
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As always, thank you so much for being a part of this circle.
With blessings and gratitude, Steph


This is a message sent out a few days before the full moon,
containing inspirations for making a lunar infusion in sync
with hundreds of other readers around the world.

Together we connect with the energy of the moon and the herbs
to invoke wisdom & healing, manifestation & release.

Together we weave a web of people gathering under the full moon, creating a deeper connection to the earth, to our selves, and to the community of life that surrounds us.

 As a group we help to create an energetic shift for the collective that assists in uplifting and transforming the world.

Thank you for being a part of this circle.
Together we amplify the monthly intention for
everyone taking part in this collective.

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