Welcome Manitoba Government Navigators

Hi <<First Name>>,
Thank you for signing up as a client navigator!

In the next week or so, you will receive access to Pedal MD (the client scheduling tool), COVID 19 Immunization Site Clinic Portal and Deputy (the employee scheduling tool so you can be assigned or pick up shifts). Staff are required to take training on Petal MD and Personal Health Information to work at the clinic. If you have not already completed your Organization and Staff Development training, information is available below.

Please Note: On your first shift, you are responsible to find a clinical manager or lead and sign the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) pledge card.


You need the following:

  • Government email account

  • OSD Account (Employee Number is required)

To access the Navigator and PHIA training go to the Organization and Staff Development (OSD) website and log in.

For the Navigator Training:

  1. Click on “Course Registration” on the blue menu bar.

  2. Click on “Manitoba Government Learning and Development” catalogue.

  3. Click on “Online Self-Paced Courses”

  4. Click on “Navigator Training Course” in the course list

For the PHIA Training:

  1. Click on “Course Registration” on the blue menu bar.

  2. Click on “Manitoba Government Learning and Development” catalogue.

  3. Click on “Online Self-Paced Courses”

  4. Click on “PHIA Online Training Course” in the course list

Please note: There is no need for you to let us know when you finish as we get weekly reports from OSD to let us know who has completed the training and we will update our database based on that.

COVID 19 Immunization Site Clinic Portal Access

In addition, you have been provided a Shared Health User Name and email to enable you to access the Clinical Portal.

Name: <<First Name>> <<Last Name>>
User Name: <<Username>>
Shared Health email: <<Username>>@sharedhealthmb.ca
Temporary password:<<Password>>

1. Please log into Microsoft Outlook web app (https://webmail.manitoba-ehealth.ca/) using your Shared Health User Name and the temporary password from above. You will be prompted to change your password, create a new password immediately and save it as the temporary password only works once.
Check out New User Information for information on changing your password as well as additional items .

2. IMPORTANT Protecting Your Account – Authentication Questions & Answers

Your answers to the Authentication Questions are required to allow the Service Desk to identify you if you ever require assistance, including log in or access issues.
After you have accessed your email (step 1) and created a new password, use the Authentication Link to fill out and submit your Questions and Answer. NOTE: Please do NOT share the link, it is only intended for your use only.

  • Log in using your Shared Health User Name and new password

  • Click on “Update Challenge Questions” and select you desired Questions and provide your Answers, then click on “Submit Request”

  • You will be automatically notified that your Challenge Question submission is complete.

Logging into Clinical Portal

Click on the Google Chrome icon found in the top left corner on the laptop monitor. Although Chrome is the preferred browser for this application, it is compatible with other browsers.

Copy & Paste this URL: https://immsportal.sharedhealthmb.ca into the google search bar

  1. Click Enter

  2. Enter your Shared Health User Name and Password

  1. Click Log On

*Please note that the system will timeout after 20 minutes of inactivity.

More information on logging in and using the Clinical Portal can be viewed here: COVID-19 Immunization Site Clinical Portal Resource Documents

If you require any assistance, please phone the Shared Health Service Desk at 204-940-8500 or toll-free at 1-866-999-9698
Or you can also email at servicedesk@sharedhealthmb.ca (add PHIMS – Clinical Portal in the subject line)


Dress Code

Smart casual attire is required which includes no jeans, pants with holes and medical scrubs. Navigators should wear comfortable shoes as you will be standing for a significant amount of time. Running shoes are acceptable. We also encourage you to wear a vest, sweater or light jacket as the room could get cool at times.


As a Manitoba Government staff, we will not have a specific badge available for you. However, if you have official ID from your home position please bring along that ID.

Staff Screening

Staff are required to self-screen for COVID-19 symptoms and exposure prior to reporting for work. Screening Tool link

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

All staff working at the COVID 19 Vaccine Clinic will be required to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). PPE will be provided to you each day at the start of your shift. If you have questions about PPE, please ask the Clinic Manager or Clinical Lead at the site.
While you will be provided with PPE we cannot stress enough that we need you to follow all of the practices related to COVID precautions; do not come to work if you are sick, wear your mask (and required PPE), social distance as you are able and most importantly perform hand hygiene frequently particularly each time after touching your PPE. Remember, even after completing vaccinations for COVID 19, you must continue to wear appropriate PPE.

Things to Bring

  • Your Photo ID

  • Water Bottle

  • Lunch/Snacks & your own eating utensils

  • Lock for the locker

We are so pleased to have you on board.
Thank you for your time, patience, enthusiasm and dedication to this important initiative.