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Thank you to all who participated in the Town Hall with Dr. Joss Reimer and Lynda Tjaden on February 18, 2021.

The webinar was recorded and is available online here:


You asked, we listened. Below are some answers to common questions asked at the Town Hall.


Q: As an immunizer how should we counsel people for taking Advil/Tylenol.
A: Generally speaking, we advise people to avoid pain medications (including Advil (ibuprofen) and Tylenol (acetaminophen)) right before and right after receiving the vaccine. However, they can be used to treat the symptoms of the injection that may develop later on. AND…if someone has taken these meds, they can still have their vaccine.

Q: I have specific clinical questions as an immunizer on the treatment of my patient. Where do I get more information?
A: If you have specific questions on the treatment of a client, please discuss with your clinical lead directly.

Q: Can vaccinated people still spread COVID-19?
A: COVID-19 may still be able to spread to others, even if you’ve been vaccinated and don’t get sick.

Process Improvement

Q: I have a comment to improve the processes for my work site.
A: Thank-you so much for helping make things better. We have passed along all comments to improve efficacy, safety and the clients experience to our process improvement team for further review.

Corporate Services

Q: How do I find out who my Regional Manager is?

Appointment Booking

Q: What will be the booking system for immunizations when pharmacies and doctors offices start administering vaccinations?
A: Medical Clinics and Pharmacies have been told they are responsible for booking their own patients. This will help them better serve their own patients/clients, run their own clinics more effectively, provide them more local flexibility, place 2nd dose responsibility with the appropriate health care professional, etc.. There are helpful FAQs on the distributed model partner website:


Q: Please provide more information on the Deputy system (when will it be used, how it works etc.).
A: We are using the Deputy online tools for Scheduling and Time and Attendance for the COVID-19 Immunization clinics. Upon completing your training, you will receive an email communication from Deputy with an invite to our online Deputy account. The email will come from Once you click the Accept Invite link, you will be directed to a webpage to activate your account. With your Deputy account, you will be able to view scheduled shifts, receive notifications, and adjust your availability. You can also access your Deputy account through a mobile app. The link for the mobile apps are below:

Once configured, you will receive shift information within the Deputy software in addition to emails from the system ( For questions, please contact:

Q: Will I be sent to work in other sites other than the super-site I was hired to work at?
A: Staff are currently set to be able to work in sites within the same region unless you volunteer to be willing to travel to regions (northern). We are currently conducting a survey for navigators and may expand this to other positions this in the future.

Q: How long is an average shift?
A: Shift times and lengths vary based on location and role. The typical morning shift is 8:30AM - 4:30PM and afternoon shift is 3:30PM - 8:30PM. These shift times are constantly reviewed based on operational requirements.


Q: There was a lag between my training and my first shift, can I get a training refresher?
A: Staff should show up trained, knowing their PHIMS and having access. You can request a PHIMS refresher as necessary.

Q: I am missing a link or pertinent information to complete my training, who should I contact?
A:For user account information, contact Shared Health Service Desk by email or by phone at 204-940-8500. For training information, contact

Q: Can you provide more information specifically on PHIMS training (who needs it, where to get it, etc.)?
A: Immunizers and Observers will be registered for the practical PHIMS course by Corporate Services. If you have questions regarding this course, please contact

Vaccine Eligibility

Q: Where do I find more information on the vaccine eligibility and prioritization?
A: For the most up to date information on vaccine eligibility -


  • For Regions using Deputy Scheduling System - if you have timekeeping and schedule related inquiries (e.g., you need to cancel shift in advance or if you are sick on the day of your shift and have to cancel), please inform the scheduling team by emailing:

  • If you have questions about your payroll and direct deposit banking, please email:
    Note that SAP has a 14-day pay cycle and pay is issued bi-weekly on Thursday.

  • For any payroll correction, to correct underpayments or overpayments due to missed or incomplete time entry from a prior pay period, please contact your manager.

  • For any issues regarding email, LMS, PHIMS or Petal MD access, please contact:
    Digital Health Service Desk at or 204-940-8500.

  • HR Shared Services for letter of offer, onboarding and Payroll related inquiries should be direct to your respective manager.

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