FNU Tutoring Program

The Rewards of Tutoring
by Becky Lopez, Instructor, MSN, CNM

Frontier’s tutoring team currently consists of Dr. Jan Engstrom (PC702), Dr. Charlotte Morris (PC703), Dr. Megan Garland (NM702), and me, Becky Lopez (PC705 & PC707). The tutoring program is housed under the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and Dr. Geraldine Young has oversight. Erica Schroeder from the Advising Office is also part of the tutoring team to ensure wrap-around needs are being provided for students. Chris Turley, the Diversity, Equity,  and Inclusion Coordinator, and Dionishia Anderson, DEI Administrative Assistant, are also integral parts of the tutoring team. There may be the ability to expand tutoring to other courses as funding becomes available.

I joined the tutoring team in November of 2020 as a part-time tutor for PC705: Advanced Pathophysiology. I was so excited to join the team at FNU and learned that tutoring, as all things here at FNU do, moves quickly! During my first term as a tutor for PC705, nearly 100 students were referred for tutoring services for that course alone. Criteria for referral to tutoring include failure of one or more exams or assignments, previous withdrawal from the course, or previous failure of the course. English as a second language is a qualification as well. Students are also referred for tutoring if the course faculty and/or tutor feel that the student could benefit from tutoring. These referrals are considered on a case-by-case basis and could be for reasons such as outside distractions (e.g., sick family member and/or required to work more hours) or barriers such as test anxiety. Tutoring is a voluntary service provided for the students; they can choose to participate or not.        

As we all know, online learning can be a challenging platform to both teach and learn. When asked what was helpful about tutoring, my students have given a plethora of different responses. Overwhelmingly, the ability to connect to a faculty member either one on one or in a small group is by far the most consistent response. Secondly, remediation of the material is also very valued by the students. Having the material synthesized and reviewed in a different matter gives the students repeat exposure to the material and enhances their learning. Since I am not course faculty for either of the courses I tutor in, I strongly recommend that students continue to reach out and work with their course faculty and forge those connections. I can then synergistically add to their learning with different perspectives and ways to learn the material. These redundancies allow for the student to make deep and meaningful connections with the material and to form study habits that will carry with them throughout their academic time at FNU and beyond.

I love my role as a tutor here at FNU. I offer three times weekly small group meetings for both courses that I tutor in. I also offer one on one meetings as needed. These frequent meeting times have afforded me the opportunity to really connect and get to know students. I have seen students enter tutoring feeling as though there is no way they can make it through a course, let alone their whole program of study. I see these same students not only earn a passing grade for the course but leave the course with confidence and a “can-do” attitude. Students move out of tutoring with the knowledge, even if they struggle, we are here to support their journey and are more than capable of tackling their course of study. Tutoring fosters the fighting spirit that is the hallmark of FNU students -- blazing a path to excellent patient care and advancement of the nurse practitioner and nurse-midwifery professions.  

Walking Side By Side with Students
by Meghan Garland, Instructor, MSN, CNM

With grant funds received five years ago, FNU started a tutoring pilot program in 2018. At the time, my faculty appointment was split between clinical faculty and academic faculty. Each week, I spoke with clinical students who were smart, independent, adult learners that benefitted from 1:1 faculty support. Sometimes they expressed frustration with their progress. Often, students needed a space to express their needs and maybe a little reframing about maximizing their resources or a different way to think about challenging concepts. I jumped at the chance to become a faculty tutor and provide the same support to students during their academic coursework. 

Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help. Maybe it feels like something that should be solved alone or it feels like one more thing to add to a list that’s already too long. As I began my tutor role, students consistently identified the same content as confusing or overwhelming. Students told me what they needed to be successful. Some wanted help with studying or test-taking skills. Others wanted help with the critical thinking leap from memorizing information to clinical management. I began to develop tools targeted to their learning goals. I met with students 1:1 and in small groups reviewing content and answering questions. I created games to reinforce core concepts and help with knowledge retrieval. 

Over time, the lessons students taught me informed changes in the course, making the content more accessible, less overwhelming, and better tailored to help students link new knowledge to the critical thinking necessary to be a safe practitioner. Students told me that tutoring helped them to think like a clinician and feel more confident taking exams. They were able to apply the same skills in their other courses and it boosted their confidence and their grades. I’m awed by the passion and dedication of FNU’s students. Walking side-by-side with students as a course tutor has meant the world to me as a nurse-midwife and an educator. 

Your Smile is Our Reward 

When it comes to mental health, lead therapist Daisy Brown AAS, LCSW, CCTP believes it is not a catchy trend but a serious issue that should be addressed within every community. 

Frontier Nursing University has partnered with Remnant Counseling Center to provide a myriad of services to their students, facility, and staff, services that include career coaching and counseling. 

“I want my staff to be a listening ear to the students, faculty, and staff in the middle of their storm,” said Mrs. Brown, who is the owner and lead therapist of Remnant Counseling Center LLC.

The staff of Remnant Counseling Center wants to make every student feel seen, heard, and understood. College and life can feel both crowded and lonely, oftentimes, a listening ear can seem far away. The counseling center wants to help fill that empty void for FNU. 

Previously, Mrs. Brown has been a part of different task forces, conferences, and debriefings within FNU. After several sessions together Remnant Counseling Center and FNU decided to collaborate and bring a safe space for everyone on campus. 

“This collaboration makes my heart smile. I am so glad that FNU takes mental health seriously,” Mrs. Brown said.

These services are currently available virtually for everyone. Remnant Counseling Center is looking forward to providing an atmosphere for healthy growth here at FNU.

If you are in need of life coaching and/or counseling services, please contact Remnant Counseling Center at 859-359-8352 or click on the website:

“Our experience enables us to offer effective outpatient, individualized, therapeutic treatment. We treat a number of mental health disorders, life coaching, and counseling services and provide an equitable atmosphere for individuals, families, and couples.” -- Daisy Brown

Office of DEI Portal Page

For additional information about diversity, equity, and inclusion, please visit the Office of DEI portal page.

The Office of DEI Office Anonymous Suggestion Box

Click here to send your confidential suggestions for diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism changes at FNU!

"The Office of DEI is here for you, and we have developed services to provide various types of support, including mentoring, tutoring, writing, coaching, counseling, and scholarships. Never hesitate to reach out and let us know how we can help.

Also this month we take a moment to recognize the hard-working and dedicated nurse-midwives caring for child-bearers and babies." 

- Geraldine Q. Young, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, CDCES, FAANP
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer

Mentoring Programs 

Are you a student interested in expounding on your professional and academic trajectory at FNU including free conference attendance and/or professional organization memberships? Consider joining the Professional Organization Mentoring Program (POMP) or the FNU Comprehensive Mentoring Program. Click on the links below to apply. 

Professional Organization Mentoring Program

FNU Comprehensive Mentoring Program form

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The President's Task Force on DEI

In January of 2021, the President’s Task Force on DEI was assembled to further FNU’s mission to become an antiracist University. The Task Force is Chaired by Dr. Geraldine Young and is charged with identifying, implementing, and evaluating initiatives that will address DEI and antiracism within our community. The goal of the Task Force is to enhance FNU’s Culture of Caring to make equity, respect, and belonging a reality. The Task Force works collaboratively with the community at large and includes members from the administration, faculty, staff, and students. 

The Task Force is specifically charged with creating a comprehensive action plan and facilitating the implementation of each item on the action plan. To accomplish its many action items, the Task Force implemented a roadmap structure which was used to establish a set of subcommittees. The Task Force identified and recruited chairs and co-chairs for each of the subcommittees. Faculty, staff, and students were then recruited to join those subcommittees. Once the committee rosters were full, the subcommittees each began meeting on a regular basis and set about creating a work plan and structure. 

“The President’s DEI Task Force is intensely focused on evaluating Frontier’s current policies and practices, and identifying areas in need of improvement,” said FNU President Dr. Susan Stone. “Through data analysis and input from members of all factions of the FNU community, the Task Force and its subcommittees are making informed decisions to make immediate changes that will drive us toward our goal to become an antiracist University. In order for Frontier to fulfill its mission, this is a goal that we absolutely must and will achieve.”

President's DEI Task Force Members
Chair: Geraldine Young
Paula Alexander-Delpech
Dionisia Anderson

Angela Bailey
Stephanie Boyd
LaToshia Daniel
Elliott Fields
Abby Hollander
Brittney Kinison
Marilyn Lyons
Rachel Mack
Linda McDaniel
Charlotte Morris
Audrey Perry
Joan Slager
Susan Stone
Chris Turley

Need Writing Assistance? Use These Writing Resources 

The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion provides writing services for students at Frontier Nursing University. These programs include Heavenly Enterprise and Grammarly. Heavenly Enterprise is a resource that offers one-on-one assistance with an editor. The goal of this writing resource is to assist students as they strive for excellence in writing and to present their assignments in the most effective manner possible. The Writing Across the Curriculum mapping process is used to pinpoint the best courses in which to offer the services. Grammarly uses an AI-powered product to strengthen student writing and to say what is really meant. The Grammarly writing assistant supports clean, mistake-free writing while offering suggestions that go way beyond grammar. 

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