Student Spotlight:
April K. Haneline

I am grateful for the opportunity to have attended the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education’s annual conference provided by Frontier University’s Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  As a first-time attendant, I chose to participate in the Health Equity track offerings. While reviewing page after page of my notes, two main themes emerged. One is the palpable need to go beyond the language of diversity in our search for health equity. Action must be taken with or without the support of those in power. Understanding and operationalizing intersectionality are instrumental in these endeavors. Answers to the questions, “how is racism at play here?” and “who is not at the table?” will be key drivers in formulating action.

The second theme that arose was the personal nature of this work. How do I bring health equity into fruition now and into the future? As a student, it is sometimes difficult to feel empowered in higher education. However, this conference provided me the needed drive to continue to be a part of the diversity, equity, and inclusion activities at Frontier. Part of that drive came from gaining a more in-depth understanding of the pervasive nature of racism in higher education. The need to address antiracism and other discriminatory aspects in health care education cannot continue to be marginalized or dismissed. Looking to the future, I can now see a possibility of not only working toward health equity as a provider, but also as an educator. I look forward to continuing to learn how to be an effective provider and leader.

April K. Haneline, BSN, RN (she, her)
Diversity Impact Adhoc Committee Member

Faculty Mentor Spotlight: Lauren Arrington

"Being a mentor allows me to experience the brilliance and determination of our students in new ways. My mentee and I have discovered new approaches to navigate the challenging balance of work, life, and school. My mentee has already made valuable contributions to the field of nursing and community health and I find myself inspired and motivated to ensure her success. She embodies the innovation and love for humanity that our healthcare system needs. It's an honor to be a mentor."

Lauren Arrington, DNP, CNM

Diversity and Inclusion Committee Member
Diversity Impact Adhoc Committee Member

The 2021 Diversity Impact Conference

The 2021 Diversity Impact Conference, which will be held as a virtual event this year, is coming soon! Register Here!

Theme: Dismantling Systemic Racism and Discrimination in Healthcare - Our Roles and Responsibilities

Goal: Explore the history of healthcare systems as a vehicle for promoting racism, sexism and other forms of oppression.

*Identify ways to show compassion using diversity, equity, and inclusion.
*Describe behavior changes essential to encouraging unity and improving the health outcomes of underserved and rural communities.
*Identify strategies to dismantle racism, sexism, heteronormativity, and classism in health care.
*Facilitate student confidence in their ability to find their place in the changing world.

Special Interest Groups

We are in the process of creating special interest groups (SIGs) at Frontier Nursing University (FNU). There is a need to spread diversity, equity, and inclusion support throughout FNU. To assist in this effort, we are proposing the formation of SIGs. SIGs are independent, voluntary groups of employees or students who share common interests, backgrounds, and/or goals. SIGs are forums of employees or students that create and foster an inclusive environment in which employees or students feel challenged, empowered, and supported in developing and maximizing their personal potential especially in relation to the development of their knowledge and skills related to diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

If you are interested in initiating and/or joining a SIG(s), please complete the form below.  Also, indicate the type of SIG you would like to be initiated at FNU.  

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Form

"Happy Nurses Month, Week, and Day to all nurses. Thank you for your ongoing dedication, innovation, and resilience during these unprecedented times.
Caring is what nurses do!"

- Dr. Geraldine Young,
FNU Chief Diversity and
Inclusion Officer

FNU Attends NADOHE Conference

Five representatives from FNU attended the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education (NADOHE) conference in March. At the NADOHE debriefing session, attendees expressed their enjoyment of the conference. Attendees discussed how they can apply what they learned to their roles and responsibilities at FNU to educate others in the domains of diversity, equity, inclusion, and antiracism.

FNU Attendees:
Lauren Arrington (Faculty)
April Haneline (Student)

Diana Jolles (Faculty)
Rosalie Seitz (Staff)
Chris Turley (Staff)

FNU's Comprehensive Mentoring Program

Students are you interested in being mentored? If so, please complete this FNU Comprehensive Mentoring Program form.

Join the Professional Organizational Mentoring Program

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The Comprehensive Mentoring Program and the Professional Organizational Mentoring Programs are supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) as part of an award totaling $1,998,000 with 0% financed with non-governmental sources. The contents are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the official views of, nor an endorsement, by HRSA, HHS, or the U.S. Government.

DEI Office Portal Page

For additional information about diversity, equity, and inclusion, please visit the DEI Office portal page

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