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Here in Portland, Oregon it’s raining… a lot!

Yet between each rainfall, the clouds momentarily separate, and the sun shines through.

When this happens, I’m always reminded that no matter what’s happening within the world or my life personally, light continues to shine behind the clouds! Even in our darkest nights, the sun's light is ever present.

As a coach, you are a beacon of light too. You help others to discover the clarity and confidence they need to achieve their goals and dreams.

But as you know, the field of professional coaching has blossomed. As a result, most coaches are invisible to those who need them the most. Whether it's an employer or potential client... your greatest assets deserve a home.

If you are considering a transition into coaching, it might encourage you to know…
Most people take that step in one of three ways.

  • Stay on course
  • Pivot within their field
  • Merge into a new field 
  1. Staying on course means exactly that. You remain in your current job yet shift how you help others to include coaching. It’s an easy way to transition into coaching because you don’t have to change jobs. You simply add skills to your existing professional toolkit. This is one of the fastest, easiest ways to become even more effective in your current role and when working with others.
  2. Pivoting in your field allows you to leverage coaching to shift into a new job title and more rewarding ways of working with others. Adding a coach certification to your resume opens doors for you to change jobs, internally or within a new company. Pretty exciting huh!

    Want to test out what other skills and expertise you may possess that could lead to new ways of expanding your job title?

  3. Merging into a new field is one of my favorite ways to transition into the coaching profession. It’s ideally suited to those who want to break out of their field and start fresh (but not from scratch).
Thinking about reinventing or retooling your career or business? What about launching a new business?

When you infuse all of who you are into a new way of helping others, you authentically align your experience, expertise, and passions with the people and issues that matter most to you. You learn to bring your very best into the service of others. Knowing when, why, and how to do this is important. That’s exactly why we offer…
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Discover You: Get Niched
Leverage your whole self into a meaningful career or business
May 7th, from 8a-2:15p (Pacific Daylight Savings)

This coaching program is for you if you would like to…

  • Confidently transition into coaching: Get radically clear on what you've got that others will invest in.
  • Differentiate yourself as a coach: Incorporate your unique brilliance into coaching to become your own unique “kind” of coach
  • Receive coaching and start coaching immediately for a felt sense of the working with others using this holistic method.
  • Join a community of thriving changemakers on a similar path...

This program is a practical and effective way to gain the clarity you need to pursue the right path into coaching. There are so many ways you can leverage coaching to help others (yourself included)... Come see what is possible!

Prior to opening doors to Coach Training World, I led transformational workshops around the world helping 1000's of individuals to follow their passions and live their purpose. While the work was rewarding... it's more rewarding in an intimate group of people who love to help others. And, while we'll be on Zoom, the personal touch will still be there!

And, that’s exactly what we’ll do in this small group ONLINE workshop

Join me and a select few others and self-discover the clarity and confidence you need to move forward into the world of coaching leveraging.

Please note:  This opportunity is RISK-FREE.

If you fully participate and decide at the end of the day, that you want your money back. I’ll gladly refund it, no questions asked. I only ask that you fully participate with our work so that you are receiving our best! 

AND if you decide that training to become a coach with us at Coach Training World is your next step, I’ll provide you with a coupon for the $297 tuition you paid for this program to apply one of our full Certification programs.

Come test drive your future…  Please join me and make your difference showing up as your whole and incredible self.

Discover You: Get Niched is the foundational step for anyone considering going into coaching or a similar service-oriented profession. Personalized and affordable, it’s the surest way to learn how you can be recognized and get paid for the true value and benefits you offer!

P.S. Don't listen to me... Learn from past graduates why they chose CTW!

Yes, I'd love to discover me... (more info please)
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