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December 2022 — From the editors of Atlanta Intown and Reporter Newspapers, Rough Draft is delivered to inboxes across metro Atlanta five days a week at 7 a.m. 

The Draft is typically four stories and takes less than four minutes to read. Edited by veteran Atlanta journalists Amy Wenk and Collin Kelley, the newsletter is a quick read about what's happening around town.


🌞 A quick view of the day's weather. 

⭐ An opening block with a few quick-hit items that may be breaking news from overnight or other interesting things that are important and timely.

🤔 The last part of the intro always tells readers what to expect in the email and gives them an incentive to keep reading.


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'I actually miss it on the weekends'

📣 "I have come to cherish my second cup of coffee at my desk over a Rough Draft before really getting into the day. Just the right amount of info."

📣 "As soon as I saw Side Dish launch, I signed up immediately. I love having Rough Draft and now this in my inbox!"

📣 "Rough Draft is the only email I read other than my internal company stuff I have to." 

📣 "Rough Draft is a must-read for me. Even when I can’t always read it daily, it’s the one local newsletter that I “binge” read on the weekend." 

📣"It’s been a game-changer for me because it simplifies the information I want to know...I actually miss it on the weekends."

📣"I am busy from the time I step foot in my office at 9 a.m. until I walk out the door, most times at  7 p.m.  I love Rough Draft.  
It’s in my emails and I can’t help but read it.  It puts a smile on my face after having a conversation with a grumpy customer whose pool isn’t being installed today. It’s not like anyone is going to go swimming yet. Thank you for rescuing me for a little bit each day."

📣 "Rough draft is the first thing I look at in the morning - so glad it’s going to 5 days a week!

📣 I especially like that it's local, and non-biased; so refreshing, and rare in today’s media world."

📣 "I don’t even live in Atlanta anymore, and I read Rough Draft. It’s a good overview. Succinct. And I trust the reporting."

📣 "Rough Draft is a great start to a more locally and culturally informed day.  Keep up the good work and I'll keep spreading the good word about it." 

📣 "I wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying reading Rough Draft!"

📣 "I really enjoy Rough Draft and am being introduced to new people and organizations I didn't know about, which is saying a lot for an Atlanta native and lifelong resident that keeps her eye on a lot of the culture, news, and organizations of our city."

📣 "If this issue doesn’t make you yearn to live in Atlanta or extremely proud to be an Atlantan, nothing will."

📣 "Rough Draft is funny, but not too funny."

📣 "Learned new things in RD today."

📣 "I really enjoy your format. It's quick and interesting. I think you may aim for the younger crowd but I am 71 and really enjoy the information you put out there and the way you present it."

📣 "I was at dinner at a friend's house and she wouldn’t stop talking about how much she loves Rough Draft."

📣 "Why didn't we have this when I was in New York?" 

📣 "This feels like a warm smile, it is very refreshing." 

📣 "Really highlights the difference journalists can make. Same content told in a different way...even the weather!"

📣 "I especially appreciate the wide range of topics and the occasional sense of humor."

📣 "I just got turned on to it. Typically I think I'm ahead of a trend and I'm way behind."

📣 "You are rocking that email!"

📣 "I love Rough Draft, it has a great feel to it. In a short period of time you've already made your mark in Atlanta."

📣 "I look forward to laughing at the opening of Rough Draft every day. It makes the news more memorable."

📣"I feel so hip!"

📣 "You have a very cool concept. Great execution." 

📣 "Rough Draft has given me the ability to take in the news again." 

📣 "Just wanted to let you know I'm loving what you're doing with Rough Draft."

This is a good newsletter."

📣 "Especially strong RD this morning!"

Silver Streak is a weekly newsletter for Atlanta's Active Senior community. 

There are two types of sponsorship opportunities.

① Sponsored Story - one per newsletter
  • Includes a Sponsored Story (100 words + Branded Picture) 
  • Investment: $1,400 / month 
② Display Ad - two per newsletter
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