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Triple threat


Brace for a full-on assault.

The climate-Left controls the White House and both houses of Congress and they mean to strike hard in 2022.  They don't care how unpopular the President is, nor razor-thin their majorities.  They know 2022 is the year they will have as much power as they are likely to wield for the foreseeable future.

CFACT means to head them off and stop them cold by ensuring the hard, inconvenient facts about climate, energy and freedom the Left wants suppressed remain plainly visible for all to see.

CFACT needs your help and we need it now.  Please make the most generous year-end gift you can today.  Your essential gift is fully tax deductible.  The fight for freedom is the noblest fight there is.  Will you fight beside us?

Joe Manchin may have stopped what he called Biden's "mammoth" Build Back Better bill for the moment, but the Left is doing all they can to morph this mistake into new incarnations and ram it through.  Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer vowed, "We'll vote on BBB until it gets done."

Look at the mess the Left made of California.  Blackouts, insurmountable debt, energy poverty, a fleeing middle class, intermittent energy, cars that can't complete a modest journey without plugging for hours into an increasingly unreliable grid -- California's pain has just begun.  The Left wants to export California's nightmare nationwide.  Great news for those who seek to take from us, control us, or simply wish us ill. 

With your help this past year, wherever global warming Socialism reared its ugly head, CFACT was there.  Whether it was in the media old or new, on college campuses, in the halls of power, the town square, all the way to the UN climate conference in Scotland, CFACT corrected the Left's lies with historically and scientifically provable facts and fought our would-be masters to a standstill. 


This  is the most important fight CFACT has taken on since we first pledged ourselves to the cause of freedom in 1985.  Our friends and supporters have stood with us loyally every step of the way.  We know we can count on you now.

Please make the most generous tax-deductible year-end gift you can right now and help CFACT enter 2022 ready to beat back the looming threats ahead.

For nature and people too, 

Craig Rucker
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