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Welcome to the first SERENDI-PV newsletter!

We want to thank you for subscribing to the SERENDI-PV newsletter, one of the newest Horizon 2020 projects. With this newsletter, we will keep you up-to-date on the latest projects' developments and innovations. 

Introduction to the project

The growth of Europe’s solar photovoltaic (PV) sector has been robust thanks to dramatic reductions in the generation costs of electricity. SERENDI-PV is one of the newest projects looking to build on those advancements through reducing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) for PV and to make it possible to integrate a rapidly increasing share of PV power into the grid, up to high penetration levels.. Beginning in October 2020, SERENDI-PV is a four-year and 12 million Euro budget project aiming to improve (1) lifetime, reliability, performance and profitability of PV generation; (2) high-penetration of the PV generation in the grids with improved stability. 

The innovations will be developed with particular attention to the new PV applications that are becoming increasingly relevant on the market, such as bifacial PV, floating PV and BIPV. On the one hand the project will address a reduction of the parameters which have the strongest influence on the risk perception for new investments in the sector: modelling, diagnostics, quality control, and forecasting. On the other hand, the technical challenges and opportunities that will come with the increase of the penetration in the grids, such as the potential of PV to offer ancillary services will be assessed. 

First objective
Innovations on advanced PV modelling, simulation, and design tools. This also includes improving monitoring data analytics for fault-diagnostic and improved O&M, lab and field-testing Quality Control (QC) equipment and procedures for better assessment of the reliability of PV components and systems.
Second objective
Advance the development of mid-term, short-term forecasting, and nowcasting for PV system aggregations, new business models for PV added revenue, and the creation of a collaborative platform for modelling, data analytics, QC, databases and grid integration.
Third objective
Technical/Economic Bankability, and New Business Models. Weighted Average Cost of Capital reduction is an important pathway towards a decrease in the LCoE of PV generation, and it needs to be addressed by showing a high level of technical risk management and a more accurate business plan thanks to a better predictive evaluation of the financial flows and financial risk modelling.
The consortium 
The SERENDI-PV project has 19 partners from seven different countries and covers the whole value chain of PV sector. The project’s value chain includes R&D centers and Universities specialized; technology manufacturers for inverters, energy storage and for power control and operation; PV plant operators that will provide portfolios of small, medium scale and large PV plants; DSO; PV engineers, consultants and ICT developers. The project is divided into multidisciplinary teams focusing on advancing specific aspects and objectives of the project taking advantage of experts from different sectors of the value chain.
First projects meetings

Over the course of the last half year, the SERENDI-PV consortium has had two consortium wide meetings, the project Kick-Off Meeting and the first General Assembly. The Kick-Off Meeting, held online, gave the partners a chance to learn more about each other and introduce their plan activities and work over the course of the project. At the first SERENDI-PV General Assembly, project work package leaders provided the first updates, accomplishes and new challenges to the rest of the consortium. While again done virtually, partners from different segments of the project had the opportunity to exchange information, ask questions and learn more about project developments. 

Website Launched!

The SERENDI-PV website has been successfully launched. The website includes more information about the project, such as the research & development activities. On the website you will also find the latest updates with regards to the project deliverables, such as public reports. 

The website provides:

- General and in-depth information about the project
- The latest news, events and information 
- Download section with public deliverables, reports and more!

Visit the website at 

Visit the website


SERENDI-PV has published two leaflets which provide a compact overview of the project's ambitions and innovations. You can download the leaflets with the button below. 
Download the leaflet

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