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Fall is in the air - and victory is on the winds

As I sit down to write this newsletter, I'm still glowing from watching the amazing Lebanese dance troupe, Mayyas, win season 17 of America's Got Talent. Their Final performance was absolutely mesmerizing! I encourage everyone who enjoys show-girl style fusion belly dance to catch one or all of their performances. 

I hope that this infusion of belly dance awareness will bring to our global dance community a new wave of dancers and enthusiasts inspired by this amazing group on AGT.  Catch this video of their final - and winning - performance. 

Thank you for taking time in your busy day to read and enjoy this month's newsletter!
Dawn Devine ~ Davina

"Danse Arabe: A Postcard from Egypt"
in Fanoos Magazine

Read the Article
Have you ever looked at a postcard and wondered about the people, situations, and photographer who created the images?  With these questions in mind, I took a deep dive into the history of this image. My research turned up some interesting facts. Want to know the name of the photographer, and the date range the image was made? 
 Click to read the article - September issue of Fanoos Magazine. 

Hair Flower Workshop Replay dates extended to Nov. 31
The Hair Flower Workshop Replays Now Available
Dates are Extended through November 31!

Due to popular demand, I'm extending the replay window for the summer workshop through November 31, 2022.  If you sign up and watch before Oct 1, drop me a line with any questions, comments or requests. Leave questions and requests in the comments on the Patreon page. In early October, I will film a third video answering questions and doing more detailed demos.
There's also a useful .pdf available for download.
Visit Patreon and Sign up at the $7 or above tier
to access the two-part workshop and upcoming video.

Study With Me: September Classes 2022

My classes are held live via Zoom + Replay 
Join my classes over on Patreon

If you choose to subscribe to my classes, you will get notified of the zoom links, materials lists, and other details via email. We do our best to add replays to our archive and with luck and good fortune, our new camera will serve us well!
  • Coffee Chat: ABCD Updates - Monday, Sept. 26 at 7 pm PDT - $3 - Join me for a hot beverage and a chat about changes to my upcoming book as well as a bit of show and tell and costume plans.
  • Sewing Workshop: Draping a Bra Cup Pattern, Part 2  Tuesday, Sept. 28 at 7 pm PDT - $7 - This is the next class in the Bra-Lapalooza series. This month, I'll be demonstrating the two-piece bra-cup pattern working from the one-dart drape. There are three main styles, and myriad variations using this method.
  • 150 Years of Belly Dance Fashion: Part 5 - Wed, Aug. 28 at 7:00 pm PDT $15 - In this talk, we will explore how belly dance was presented and dressed in pre-television Hollywood and Egyptian Films. We will look at iconic styles and the design features that continue to define belly dance costuming today. 

Upcoming Events Near and Far

Meet the Postcard Women

Hosted by the Zay Initiative
Visit their Website to Learn More
20th September 2022 Time:12 Noon NYC, 5pm UK, 8pm UAE
Tickets by donation (I donated $15)

This event sounds fascinating and I am looking forward to listening to a group of contemporary artists and thinkers discuss how these pictures impact their art and lives today.



November 12TH, 2022
12 pm – 7:30pm 

I’ve booked a booth for this upcoming event and will be setting up my little bookstore and assiut shop.  I’m so proud to be participating in one of the events I founded when I was part of the old Bay Area MECDA.  Will you be in the Bay Area that weekend?  Swing by and say “Hi” and spend some time shopping and schmoozing, spectating, and performing.

Photo: Zemira aka Alisha Westerfeld performing at the Fabulous Fall Festival photo by Carl Sermon


I WISH I were going back to…

Celebrating Dance Festival in Torquay, UK

October 28-30th, October 2022
Click here to book

This is one of the UK’s longest-running dance festivals and I was thrilled to teach and perform there in 2016.  While I cannot make it this year to help them celebrate their 20th Birthday, perhaps you can make it!

I  enjoyed the community energy, the wide variety of classes, and the lovely historic Victorian-era Toorak Hotel.  BONUS - I also thoroughly enjoyed the Torre Abbey and Museum just across the street!

Danse du Ventre 1889Danse Du Ventre:1889
Belly Dance Bundle 2021 

Available through October. 31, 2022

If you purchased the 2021 belly dance bundle, take advantage of all the items that might be ending soon! My presentation, “Danse du Ventre 1889” is available through October 31.  Log in on the Bundle Website.

Danse du Ventre: 1889 is a  3+ hour mini-course composed of four slide presentations. During these talks, we take a journey back in time via photos and illustrations to learn more about the belly dancers at the Exposition Universelle de Paris of1889.  During these talks, I share who performed, where they danced, who came to see their shows.  We also discuss the dance in the overarching cultural milieux of Paris, where dancers performed outside of the world fair,  and how they were reviewed in the press. 

This talk started as a 90-minute presentation but became a four-part mini-course that takes a deep dive into this critical moment in the history of this art form. Sadly, the 2022 Bundle has been postponed. But with luck and good fortune, the Bundle will return in 2023!

La Raks website is BACK!NEWS:  LA Raks is Back

If you’re in California, or are planning to go there for a visit, this website is a great resource for what’s happening.
It covers a large territory from Los Angeles and Orange County, from Santa Barbara to San Diego and beyond. 

If you are planning a destination vacation that includes a trip to greater Los Angeles location, this site is a boon.  Plan your vacation to align with a dance event. Before your visit to the area check out the listings. Plan ahead to visit a local community dace show, take a workshop, class or even book a private.

I like to vacation in  LA during June to hit Cairo Shimmy Quake.  I'll be visiting LA Raks before I go to see what's going on beyond the show. In Southern California, there’s always something going on!  Check the LA Raks website to learn more.

Around the Web

Websites, articles, podcasts, and videos that I've enjoyed over the past few weeks. Plus some mini-reviews on key books, tools, and supplies that I'm currently enjoying.

Fake Saroyans?

Buyer Beware: Don’t be fooled by Counterfeit Saroyan Zills

Sahira of Texas visited the Saroyan Factory in Southern California and interviewed Vince Fesunoff, the current owner of Saroyan Cymbals.  In this video, he shares details on how to spot poor-quality knockoffs.  

Article: Get a Leg up On Your Dance

Cairo-based professional dancer Vanessa discussed Musicality, Style, and Stage Presence in part three of a series presented in Zameena Magazine from Zara’s Zouk. I enjoyed Vanessa’s high-energy performance at Cairo Shimmy Quake, and I am happy to share this series of professional-grade up-to-the minute tips.  Be sure to subscribe to Zameena to get the latest info from Cairo!   Read the Article

Dondi's DiaryFlashback: Belly Dance Super Stars - On the Road with Dondi

Back in 2012, Dondi documented her time touring with the dance artists of the  Belly Dance Super Stars show.  If you were dancing at the time, you will remember this pop cultural phenomenon. I thoroughly enjoyed re-reading this collection of journal entries from Dondi’s time on tour.  There are a lot of great behind-the-scenes photos and insights into life on the road with a major production company.  Read Dondi’s Magazine on Issuu

Learning: Flamenco - Hands and Arms

Rina Orellana is an amazing Flamenco dancer and instructor who has recently put up a fantastic Flamenco-style arm workout to build strength, grace, and expressive power.  Catch this 13 min workout video over on YouTube.  Visit her website to learn more about Rina’s courses and workshops here.

Movies: Belly Dance Classics
"From Russia With Love"

In this James Bond espionage thriller, we get to see an amazing dance performance in the context of the film. As dancers, we often look just at dance clips extracted from movies.  I highly recommend making time to watch this film in its entirety to get a sense of the plot, where the dancing appears, and why.  There are also tons of subtle information about the cultural milieux of the time. Now Available on Amazon Prime.

My Favorite Sewing BookOn My Bookshelf:  Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing c. 1981

This is my trusty dictionary of basic sewing essential techniques, tools, and more. I’ve been lugging my old copy since fashion school in the ’80s!  Look for this vintage baby in a used book store, thrift shop, or even used on Amazon. You can also grab the latest edition for yourself or gift it to your favorite sewing enthusiast.  Follow this link to Amazon and look under "other editions" to buy an older used copy. 

Business Support: Peer Coaching Collective

“The Peer Coaching Collective is a group of dance instructors and business owners who meet monthly to discuss and problem-solve a variety of topics related to dance and determined by the members.” From Lisa Allred's Website

I 100% recommend this opportunity to professional dancers and teachers and I invite you to join me in this group for ideas, support, and recommendations from the group.  Oh - and did I mention it’s only $5 a month? An affordable investment if you’re working on bootstrapping growth in your belly dance business.  Perhaps I’ll see you there!

Davina at the MuseumThank You for Subscribing!

I hope that you have enjoyed this issue of Studio Davina Mini-Magazine. If you are looking for shorter form, regular content about belly dance costuming, history, design, and more, join me on one of these platforms:
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