Saturday, July 31, 2021

Rescheduling Issues Part VI: Can I Be Forced to Double Up?

Anyone who is flying this weekend knows that the operation is in shambles. We are seeing rampant disruptions and reschedules. Most bases are almost completely out of Reserve Flight Attendants. We want to remind you that as a Reserve Flight Attendant, the company cannot assign you to flying that will project you above the monthly max. July is a flex month, and most bases have a max above 90 hours. In no case is it higher than 93 hours. Below is the chart showing the monthly max per base for July:  

Additionally, we are seeing Crew Tracking illegally rescheduling or attempting to reschedule Flight Attendants who have already completed their sequences. Double up sequences are two sequences within the same duty (JCBA 2.L). If the company tries to force additional flying on you in the form of a double up sequence, that is not allowed. Your obligation to the company ends at the completion of your sequence.

Question 1: I am SFO based, and I am completing the last leg of my sequence from DFW-SFO. Crew Tracking contacts me in DFW and tells me that once I arrive in SFO, I will be flying an additional leg to LAX. Is this allowed?

No. This is not a reschedule; this is a forced double up. Once you land in SFO, you have completed both your sequence and your obligation to the company.

Question 2: Our crew just arrived in base at the end of our sequence. An FSM has met us and told us that we are being rescheduled to additional flying. Can they do this? 

No. Once you complete your sequence, you are released to rest. 

In Solidarity,

Jeff Petersen
APFA National Contract Chair

Marti McMillan
APFA National Scheduling Chair

Renée Mayer
APFA JCBA Specialist

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