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Are You Being Rescheduled? Do You Have Deadheading Questions?

Staffing in most bases remains tight through the weekend, and we anticipate crew reschedules and unscheduled deadheads. Over the past few weeks, we have published several rescheduling hotlines. If you are rescheduled, we want to arm you with the information needed to ensure you are being rescheduled correctly. We have combined the information into this hotline.

Questions 1-5 pertain to rescheduling, question 6 helps you calculate your legalities, and questions 7-8 will answer most of your questions about deadheading.

Please save this hotline to reference during your sequence to ensure Crew Scheduling and Crew Tracking are abiding by our contractual language.

Question 1: Are Reserve Flight Attendants available?

If you do not have a disruption to your sequence and you are being rescheduled, check the 'Assignment Sequence' Report to see if Reserve Flight Attendants are available. This report can be found on Crew Portal under Reports> Daily Callout Report> Assignment Sequence. Reserve Flight Attendants should be utilized before rescheduling Flight Attendants on a sequence. Only if there is insufficient time to call out Reserve Flight Attendants on a RAP and there are no available Standbys should Flight Attendants who do not have a disruption to their sequence be rescheduled. 

Question 2: When are you being rescheduled?
Choose the hotline below which corresponds to your situation:

Part I: Are you being rescheduled after you have reported for your sequence, but before your sequence has originated? Click here for more information and contractual language.

Part II: Are you being rescheduled after the first flight of your sequence has departed (mid-sequence)? Click here for more information and contractual language.

Question 3: I am being rescheduled, but my new flying activity has me returning to my crew base later than originally scheduled. Is that allowed?
If you are being rescheduled (operating different city pairs, layover cities or operating on additional days), Crew Tracking must make every effort to schedule you to arrive back to crew base within the original footprint of your original sequence, including bringing in Reserve Flight Attendants from other bases (time permitting). Click here for more information and contractual language.

Question 4: Crew Tracking needs to reschedule one Flight Attendant on our crew. How do we decide who will fly the rescheduled sequence?

The opportunity to be rescheduled should be offered in seniority order first, and then assigned in inverse seniority order (JCBA 10.J.3.b), which reads as follows:

The Company will make every reasonable effort to reschedule the entire crew together. However, in extenuating circumstances, the Company may split a Flight Attendant crew if such split is required in order to maintain schedule. The opportunity to be rescheduled shall be offered to the Flight Attendants in seniority order. If insufficient Flight Attendants volunteer to be rescheduled, assignments will be made in inverse seniority.

Question 5: I reported for my sequence, and my flight is delayed until the next duty period due to a mechanical issue. Do I still have to fly this sequence?
If you have not left the gate, and the departure has been delayed to the next day (duty period) and your arrival back to base is outside the footprint of your original trip, you will be removed if there are Reserve Flight Attendants available. You will be pay protected under the JCBA crew substitution language. You would only remain on the sequence if they are able to return you to your base within the footprint of your original sequence, or if there are no Reserve Flight Attendants available. If you remain on the sequence, you are entitled to a hotel room and three (3) hours callout pay. Click here for more information and contractual language.

Question 6: We are delayed. How do I calculate when we go illegal?

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Question 7: Do I have to notify Crew Tracking if I do not plan to take my deadhead at the end of my sequence?

Yes. Lineholding Flight Attendants must only notify Crew Tracking; Reserve Flight Attendants must receive Crew Tracking's consent.

Question 8: I have questions about deadheading. Where can I find information on topics such as meeting my sequence downline, changing my deadhead from my crew base to my commuter city or co-terminal, deadheading on an earlier flight, etc.?

JCBA Section 16 outlines flexibilities for deadheading. Click here for the hotline which outlines the most common deadheading scenarios either at the beginning or end of your sequence.

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